EAST Honors and Celebrations

  EAST celebrates our impressive student, faculty and staff achievements and accomplishments!

Greg Smith received the SME Education Foundation

WSU Student received SME Education Foundation, including the SME Directors Scholarship

Greg Smith faced a decision. He was studying English at Utah Valley University but wasn’t enamored with the career options his potential degree provided. Greg had been studying welding, both technique and theory, for the previous 15 years. In high school he enrolled in as many welding classes he could handle. 

Two years into his studies at Utah Valley University Greg decided to try something else. He turned to his passion for and experience with welding for a pathway. Greg spent the next seven years as the lead welding instructor at Mountainland Applied Technology College where he trained students in techniques for welding sheet metal, plates and pipes using the welding knowledge he had acquired previously.

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WSU Student at the Utah NASA Space Grant Consortium

Recent graduate Shelby Chatlin (BSMET 2018) presented at the Utah NASA Space Grant Consortium in May 2019.  Shelby discussed the engineering and manufacturing of the non-conductive mechanical drive system for the Antenna Pattern Measurement System being jointly developed by faculty members Christian Hearn (Electrical Engineering) and Dustin Birch (Mechanical Engineering).


Interior Design Study Abroad 2019

The Interior Design program recently returned from their study abroad adventure focusing on ancient-18th century architecture and interiors.  The 42 participants had the good fortune to explore Italy (Venice, Rome, Pompeii); Croatia (Pula, Rovinj, Groznjan); Germany (Nuremberg, Regensburg and Schwangau); France (Colmar, Fountainbleau, Versailles and Paris).  In addition to wearing out students with walking, we also participated in a dragon boat and regatta experience in the canals of Venice and a bike ride through the vineyards of Colmar.  Some of the highlights were seeing the beautiful Colosseum in Pula, the Hall of Mirrors in Versaille and the Paris Opera House.  We were there for the 130th anniversary of the Eiffel Tower and enjoyed the festivities that accompanied that celebration (and the somber site of Notre Dame).  Many student attended an optional evening tour at the Nazi Rally Grounds in Germany and gained a better understanding of WWII's beginning. 

Interior Design Study Abroad 2019 Photo Gallery


Inspection Trends Magazine: Nondestructive Examination at Weber State University

by Jeffry Strahan
How the school’s Manufacturing, Engineering and Technology program (MFET) incorporates welding inspection classes. 
Students seeking to become engineers in structural, mechanical, or manufacturing disciplines need to have a good background in nondestructive examination (NDE). Engineers involved in systems technology or product development are required to conform to the integrity of a system, and the integral parts associated with that system, to have acceptable quality per contract documents. Continue reading on page 17.

Inspections Trends Magazine: May 2019 | Volume .22 | No. 2


Podcast: New Architecture, Engineering and Construction Pathway Program


WSU professor Jeremy Farner got invited to be in the Utah Governor's Office of Economic Development podcast.

He talked about the New Architecture, Engineering and Construction Pathway Program.

P odcast


Solar Decathlon 2020 -  WSU is one of 11 schools in this competition.

Golden, Colorado - Congratulations to the Building Design and Construction senior project students for qualifying to compete at the Solar Decathlon Building Competition at the National Mall in Washington D.C. in 2020! The team has been awarded $25,000 by the US Department of Energy to continue with the project and got the approval to proceed to build a duplex in Salt Lake City. 

Solar Decathlon 2020

Charitable Chair 2019

Friday night was the Interior Design Program's annual Charitable Chair event. Talented and dedicated students from the program professionally refinished chairs. The Charitable Chair event incorporates accreditation standards, design curriculum and public service.

As part of the course final project, students from five interior design courses participate by designing and enlisting the help of professionals to refurbish a chair of historical significance. Chairs are auctioned at a public event. Proceeds from this year's auction will be divided between Catholic Community Services-Bridging the Gap and the WSU Interior Design Program.


Design Build Day 2019

Over 400 students visited the WSU Davis campus for Build Design Day. The event included the announcement of the Utah Architecture, Engineering and Construction Pathway, mini house tours, workshops, interior design classes, excavator driving, booths, prizes, and a pizza buffet.


KSL Article

Professional Sales students to compete in Orlando, Florida for DECA competition.

Students at Weber State University did an exemplary job at the state DECA competition in February, 2019. Seventeen of the eighteen students placed in their competitive events and qualified for the International Career Development Conference (ICDC) held in Orlando, Florida. This was a substantial growth from the seven students who placed at the state DECA competition the previous year.

DECA Competition

Students build a portable radio station for Weber County Sheriff’s
Emergency Communication Team

Jerry Catrell from the Weber County Sheriff's Emergency Communications team discovered that handheld radios did not keep his team consistently in commuicaitons while riding inside improvised ambulances.  Jerry met with Professor Kelly Harward who invited him to meet with his MFET 3460 Engineering Design class.  This lead to students building protypes of specialized airtight and watertight containers to carry portable, powerful ham radio stations in.  Students Alex Richins, Brand Foust, Michael Kidman, Jared Paskins, Riker Porter, Russell Schuh, Kaden Strate, Jake Wilson, and Daniel Wiseman came up with a winning design that when field tested was confirmed to be a perfect solution.  

Portable Radio

Inspection Trends Magazine Cover

WSU welding instructor and student in the front cover of Inspection Trends

Pipeline Hot Tapping

Cover photo: Welder and CWI Jeff Strahan performs an API 1104 branch test for qualification on pipeline welding. (Photo by WSU Welding Student: Sam Sievert.) Page 20

by Jeffry Strahan, WSU Engineering Technology Instruction
Learn about this pipeline modification and repair method and how the expertise of an experienced CWI makes it safer.

Inspection Trends Magazine (pdf)

Top 5 Nationally ranked Interior Design Student

Interior Design student, Natalie Gneiting, ranked in the top five nationally in the FORM Student Innovation Competition by Formica Corporation. Her work will be displayed with fellow Interior Design student Mallory Bouchard’s in March 2019 at the competition exhibit in Cincinnati, Ohio at the Contemporary Arts Center.

FORM Student Innovation Competition

Interior Design Student Ranks Third Nationally

Mallory Bouchard, a second year student, placed third in the FORM Student Innovation Competition by Formica Corporation. Her success in the competition earned her prize winnings. Not only did she receive a prize from the competition, but her work will be displayed in the Contemporary Arts Center located in Cincinnati, Ohio in March 2019.  

FORM Student Innovation Competition List of Winners

View Her Competition Work