Early College - High School Counselor Resources

Welcome to the high school counselor resource page! We look forward to working with you to help our Early College students succeed. If you have any questions or concerns that are not addressed here, please contact the Early College advisor for your district.

Information Sessions
Please encourage any student interested in Early College to attend an information session. This is the required first step to the Early College application process.
Counselor Contract
After a student attends this required session, he or she may bring you a "High School Counselor Contract Request" card. This card directs you to our Counselor Contract form, where you can list the student's remaining high school graduation requirements. Within a week of submitting a completed contract, you will receive a confirmation email from earlycollege@weber.edu.
Scholarships are available for eligible Early College students. Academic and Need-Based funds are available for fall and spring semesters. Early College students are not yet eligible for Federal Financial Aid.
Grade Reports
After grades post at the end of a semester, the Early College advisor assigned to your school will send a grade report for each student who participated in at least one course through Early College.
Events and Presentations
Early College advisors are available to present or cover a table for high school events such as parent-teacher conferences and college/scholarship nights. Please contact your respective Early College advisor if you would like us to attend an event at your school.

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