Step 4: Meet with Your Early College Advisor

When should I meet with my Early College advisor?

After you have been admitted and your high school counselor has submitted your contract form, you will need to set up your required hour-long Early College New Student Appointment with the academic advisor for your district before you can register.  After your required Early College New Student Appointment, you will be expected to schedule at least one appointment each semester with your Early College advisor.

How do I schedule an appointment with my Early College advisor?

All academic advising appointments have been moved to Zoom (online video/audio), Google Hangouts, or phone meetings in order to keep our students, parents, staff, and faculty safe from the spread of COVID-19. Our Early College advisors are working remotely and are ready and available to help any student, parent, or community partner answer questions. If you know who your advisor is, please email them directly. 

For general questions regarding Early College please email 

For general questions regarding NUAMES (Davis/North) Early College please email


Please follow the steps below to schedule an appointment.

  • Have your W# ready and contact your Early College advisor
  • Identify yourself as an Early College student
  • Identify your school district or high school
  • Book your appointment as far in advance as possible as student appointment availability is limited immediately before each semester and during peak registration times

Online Resources for Early College Students

Advanced Placement Exam/CLEP Guidelines
General Education for General Studies Students
Optional Student Information Release Form


Step 5: Apply for Early College Scholarships