Parent/Guardian Resources

Welcome to the parent/guardian resource page! We look forward to working with you to help your Early College student succeed. If you have any questions or concerns that are not addressed here, please contact your Early College advisor

Parents/Guardians of Prospective Students


Parents/Guardians of Current Students

Information Sessions

To learn more about Early College and how your student can apply, please attend an information session. This is the required first step to the application process.


For questions about scholarships, registration, and withdrawals, please contact your student's Early College Advisor.

Informed Consent Agreement

Admitted Early College students are eligible to use WSU services and participate in campus activities. After your student has applied online, you must sign the first section of the Informed Consent Agreement (the other two sections are optional), and submit it to the Admissions Office.

Priority Registration

Early College students can get Priority Registration by turning in their forms by the posted deadlines.

New Century Scholarship

Visit the Utah State Board of Regents website for information on the New Century Scholarship.

New Student Appointment

After your student has attended an information session and has been admitted as an Early College student, you will need to contact your student's Early College advisor to set up a new student appointment. A parent or guardian is required to attend this appointment.

Important Deadlines

Visit the following sites for important deadline information:
Tuition and Payment Deadlines
Refund Dates
Cancellation/Withdrawal Deadlines

Course Content

Early College students attend the same courses as standard WSU students. If you have questions or concerns about the content of a course, please review the assigned course textbook on the Bookstore website and consider contacting the department or instructor for more information.

Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

Students attending WSU through Early College are protected by the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Contact the Registrar's Office for more information on parental rights relating to FERPA.

Help your student get off to a successful start in Early College

As a parent, you want to assure that your student succeeds and has a positive experience in Early College. Here are some tips to assist you in helping your student, while also encouraging him or her to become more independent and proactive in planning for the future.

  • Attend Early College advising appointments with your student.  Please note, you must attend the Early College Information Session and Required Early College Appointment (this is your student’s first appointment post-admission to Early College). 
  • Become familiar with WSU’s Early College website. Answers to most frequently asked questions can be found there.
  • Encourage your student to take Foundations of College Success (UNIV 1105) to help him or her develop effective learning and study habits and understand how to utilize available campus resources.
  • Encourage your student to contact his or her Early College Advisor if unexpected difficulties are encountered that may impact academic performance.
  • Ask your student to fill out the Student Information Release form in the eWeber portal.
  • Help your student develop a system to keep track of assignments and due dates.
  • Encourage your student to find a good study location (sometimes the best place to study isn’t at home).
  • Encourage your student to become involved with a campus club, organization, internship, or activity in an area of interest. 

Encourage your student to become more independent

  • Identify some ways you have been supporting your student’s pursuit of a college education and then see if you can hand off some of these responsibilities to him or her.
  • Refrain from immediately jumping in when a problem arises; guide your student to work through the problem himself or herself.
  • Encourage your student to advocate and speak for himself or herself by talking with instructors and college staff when a question or problem arises. Though it may be easier to do this yourself, you will greatly empower your student by encouraging your student to step outside his or her comfort zone and master this skill.

Encourage your student to explore career paths and majors!

Encourage your student to visit the Career Services Office, where he or she can complete assessment testing and meet with a Career Counselor to research possible paths. Once your student has chosen a career field, he or she can research related majors, certificates, and degrees at

Encourage your student to prepare for financing college after high school graduation!

Help your student begin a scholarship search and prepare to apply for post-high school financial aid. Utah Futures ( is a great place to begin this search. Start the search prior to your student’s senior year of high school. Also check college websites for scholarship materials, including qualifications and application deadlines. If your student plans to apply for Federal financial aid, begin researching what is needed at

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