What if I leave for religious service, military service or other reasons?

Students do not need to be continuously enrolled. However they will be required to reapply each year. Long pauses in one’s education delays graduation and can create the need to repeat classes.

How long can I participate in Dream Weber?

Eligibility for Dream Weber lasts for a total of eight semesters or 150 earned college credit hours.

Do my transfer college courses, early college or concurrent enrollment classes count toward the 150 maximum credit hours?

Yes, all college credits are applied to the 150 maximum credit hours.

What if I have earned 150 credit hours but have not finished my degree?

You no longer qualify for Dream Weber, but there may be other financial aid options available to help you finish.

Why do I have to reapply for Dream Weber every year?

Because a new federal financial aid application (FAFSA) is required each year and eligibility is determined from this application.

Are there any penalties for dropping out of the Dream Weber program during the semester or not passing classes?

There could be. Students are required to meet the federal financial aid satisfactory academic progress requirements and WSU academic standards requirements outlined in PPM 4-17-III.

Can funds received from the Dream Weber program be combined with other scholarships?

Yes. WSU has a large number of academic and need-based scholarships that can help offset educational costs for both students in the Dream Weber Program as well as students who don't qualify for this particular program. Students can apply for scholarships by filling out an online scholarship application via the eWeber portal.

Why are out-of-state students not eligible for this program?

Dream Weber is designed for Utah residents only. The primary purpose is to help students in our service area. Because of the significant difference in tuition costs between residents and non-residents and the much larger potential pool of applicants, WSU is not able to open the program to out-of-state students.

Does everyone with a household income less than $40,000 qualify for Dream Weber?

There are two primary qualifications. Students must have a household income of $40,000 or less and be eligible for federal Pell Grant funds.

Why do I have to qualify for a federal Pell Grant in order to participate in Dream Weber?

Being eligible for Pell Grant monies guarantees a specific amount of money from the federal government, and it allows us to use designated state funds for needy students as well as private donations given for low-income individuals — thus allowing us to fund the program.

How do you define household income?

It is defined by the federal government using the federal financial aid application (FAFSA). The primary factors include adjusted gross income and dependent vs. independent status.

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