Diversity & Unity Board

The WSUSA Diversity and Unity team at Weber State University is responsible for planning and promoting educational programming that strives to advocate understanding, acceptance, and inclusion between individuals and groups from all walks of life. The WSUSA Diversity and Unity team works to foster collaboration in activities and programs by holding events and workshops throughout the year, which promote social and cultural awareness while creating safe spaces to talk about differences in beliefs and values. The chairs overseeing the planning of programs are Taboo Talks, Stop the Hate, Cultural Connections, Sessions on the Ledge, Community Awareness, and LGBTQ+ Awareness. The team is lead by the Vice President for Diversity and Unity and the Assistant Director for Diversity and Unity. The WSUSA Diversity and Unity team assists with developing programs coming out of Diversity and Inclusive Programs. The team is advised by the Diversity and Inclusive Programs Coordinator.

Diversity & Unity Vice President

Diversity & Inclusive Programs gains student representation through WSUSA’s Executive Body. Each year the student body elects a Vice President of Diversity who then selects members of the Diversity Board through a competitive application process.

Isabela AlvaradoIsabela Alvarado

Hello, I am Isabela Alvarado, the Vice President for Diversity and Unity. I am from Santa Barbara County, California and moved to Utah to attend Weber State University. I am studying social work and I hope to make a difference in people’s lives. I would love to advocate for underrepresented communities in my career and this position. I love learning about people’s different backgrounds and helping build people up. My goal for this year is to open up many conversations people don’t want to have and to educate others.


Assistant Director

The Assistant Director to the Vice President for Diversity on the Diversity Board helps to coordinate all events, workshops, activities and serves as the information clearinghouse for the CDU's Diversity Board. This position collects all marketing materials, places and confirms bulletins, email blasts, and Facebook page updates in addition to providing updates and assignments to Board members.

Shyanna SmithShyanna Smith

My name is Shyanne Smith, and I am the Assistant Director of the Diversity Team. This is my third year being involved on campus. I am originally from Utah; I love being in Ogden and attending Weber State. My program at Weber is Integrated Studies, where I have combined ASL, Child and Family Studies, and Special Education to be able to work as an early intervention specialist for Deaf and Deaf-Blind infants and their families. It is my hope to work with people and show that everyone is different and that's okay, but we are all still people and bring great things to the table.


Taboo Talks Chair

The Taboo Talks Chair coordinates educational and informative programs that educate all students and staff at WSU about ways that we can come together across differences.

Vacant PositionVacant



Sessions on the Ledge Chair

The Sessions on the Ledge Chair coordinates weekly one-hour performance sessions in the Union atrium that showcases music, dance, the spoken word and other routines that space racial ethnicity, culture, class, gender and more. Previous events have included Scottish Bag Pipers, Taiko Drummers, Irish Folk Dancers and poetry slams.

Vladimir RoblesVladimir Robles

Hello, I am Vladimir Robles. I am currently a junior at Weber State University, and I am studying computer science. I have lived in Utah my entire life and currently reside in West Haven. My favorite hobbies include working out, swimming, and hiking. I am very outdoorsy and love to go camping. My goal for this year is to meet new individuals and break them out of their comfort zones. My favorite quote is “Complaining about a problem without a solution is called whining.” – Teddy Roosevelt.


Stop the Hate Chair

The Stop the Hate Chair develops an annual campaign that promotes peace on campus and in the community through speakers, workshops, and activities. At the heart of these activities is the question, "Is what we are doing helping each other or hurting each other?"

Kay WalkerKay Walker

My name is Kay Walker (they/them/theirs). I’m a nonbinary student currently working on gaining an English Teaching Degree. I realised I was nonbinary at the age of 15, and started living my gender once I was 18. I'm currently a sophomore at Weber State, and intend to graduate in 2022. I'm a leftist, activist, and author. I run and have run the website justmynarratives.com for 3 years as of September 2019. I write horror stories and stories focusing on queer the queer experience, often intersecting. If you say "Gender" in a dark room in a mirror 3 times, you'll summon me and I'll tell you why you should destroy the gender binary.


Cultural Connections Chair

The Cultural Connections Chair works to collaborate with our ethnic-based organizations, as well as, organizations that want to collaborate in promoting and educate around diversity and inclusivity.

Keegan ParkinsonKeegan Parkinson

Hello I'm Keegan Parkinson I'm from Layton, Utah. I am non-binary and I use They/Them/Theirs pronouns. I love to sing and dance so you'll probably see me at almost all of the dances. I love to learn and listen to people's stories. I look forward to meeting, listening, communicating, and learning from all of you. My goal for this year is to help educate people and myself about different cultures and show everyone that here at Weber, we are proud to be us just the way we are!!


LGBTQ+ Awareness Chair

The LGBTQ+ Awareness Chair acts as a representative and advocate of the issues and concerns of the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender student body and advocates against homophobia and other forms of oppression, as well as other issues and concerns of LGBTQ+ students on campus and all members of the queer community. 



Community Awareness Chair

The Community Awareness Chair collaborates with the community to create events that promote Diversity and provide access to community organizations such as Holding out Help, NAACP, YCC, and others to provide educational opportunities and resource activities to students on a monthly basis.

Gina Arditti-LopezGina Arditti-Lopez

Hey! My name is Gina Arditti. I started at Weber in the fall of 2019. In 2008 I moved from Mexico and lived in Ogden I just recently moved to Syracuse this year. My goal is to one day become a Doctor. My favorite TV series is Grey's Anatomy. One item on my bucket list is to visit every continent.

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