About Diversity & Inclusive Programs

About Diversity & Inclusive Programs

Weber State University's Diversity & Inclusive Programs, formally known as The Center for Diversity & Unity, is committed to providing access, building community and educating each other about diversity issues while creating a learning environment that values inclusion, cultural competence, and intercultural sensitivity for all students, staff, and faculty. We are committed to the pursuit of learning from and with a diverse group that sometimes reflects who we are and sometimes does not in order to affirm the dignity of all people.


Diversity & Inclusive Programs History

The Center for Diversity & Unity was created in the 1990s, following student activism and a task force that recommended that the College's commitment to diversity be made more public and visible. It was determined that a formal office was necessary if the college was to have a centralized constant and authoritative voice for diversity concerns.

The Center moved to its present location in the Shepherd Union Building, suite 232 in 2008. The CDU currently houses the office for the Diversity & Inclusive Programs coordinator and serves as the central location for the WSUSA Diversity & Unity Team.


To build community & achieve excellence, we collaborate with students, staff, faculty, departments & community members to:

  • Celebrate our cultures, histories, identities, and values as we learn about and from one another.
  • Challenge individuals, groups, policies, and procedures, that hinder members of our community from feeling valued, safe, and included at WSU.
  • Promote cross-cultural education opportunities on campus to facilitate learning and understanding of "otherness."
  • Provide opportunities that emphasize self-awareness and engagement so that we will grow as individuals and as friends.
  • Support existing policies that affirm diversity, inclusion, and cultural competence as an integral part of high-quality and sustainable education.
  • Champion new policies and demonstrate our commitment to creating a welcoming campus climate for members of the Wildcat community.
  • Have the difficult conversations that must happen if we are to develop trust together.

Contact Diversity

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