Diversity & Inclusive Programs

About Us

Diversity & Inclusive Programs builds community through collaboration and offers programs to support conversations and promote group learning. Learn more about DIP and check out our mission.

Diversity Board

The Diversity Board is comprised of WSU students who focus on providing diversity discussions outside of the classroom through DIP programs. Check out your representatives and their contact info. 

For more information on Diversity & Inclusive Programs:

Andrea Hernández
Diversity & Inclusive Programs Coordinator


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  Phone:  801-626-6957

  E-mail:  andreahernandez2@weber.edu  |  diversity@weber.edu

  Location:  Center for Diversity & Unity  |  Shepherd Union, 232C

  Hours:  Monday - Friday: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.



801-626-6957 | diversity@weber.edu | DIP on Facebook DIP on Instragram