Register With Disability Services

The interactive process is the process of requesting and receiving appropriate academic accommodations at Weber State. It begins when you first contact Disability Services and ends when you are finished taking classes at Weber State. This confidential process involves you, Disability Services, and your instructors working together to remove the barriers to learning you may face due to a disability.

  1. You register with Disability Services and provide documentation.
  2. An advisor from WSU Disability Services will review your documentation and meet with you to discuss the limitations related to your disability and possible options available to you.
  3. Your instructors implement those academic accommodations in your classes.


Get Started

Remember to check out our contact information and frequently asked questions


Register Online: Fill out your information and attach documentation of your disability using our online registration form.

  • It is also okay to provide documentation after filling out the online registration form.
  • For more information on what kind of documentation you need, check out our Disability Documentation page.
  • After you fill out the online registration form, we will contact you to set up an initial appointment with a Disability Services Specialist.

Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Students: Please also fill out the Deaf & Hard-of-Hearing Student Intake PDF and email it to


Go to your intial appointment with a Disability Services Specialist.

During this appointment the Disability Services Specialist will talk to you about:

  • Our services
  • Your accommodation requests
  • Your documentation
  • Other beneficial services available from Weber State.

After your intial appointment, your Disability Services Specialist will meet with the other Disability Services Specialists in a Case Management Meeting to discuss the best options for your academic accommodations. Afterwards, we will contact you to let you know what accommodations have been approved and what accommodations may require more documentation before approval. They may also schedule follow up appointments to further discuss your accommodation options.


Once your academic accommodations are approved, you will receive:

  • A decision letter with the outcome of your accommodation request
  • A verification letter to give to each of your professors

If your professors have any questions or concerns about your accommodations, please tell them to contact Disability Services as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions