Disability Rights, Education, Activism and Mentoring (DREAM)

DREAM (Disability Rights, Education, Activism, and Mentoring) is a national organization for higher education students of all types, of all ages, with any kind of disability, including culturally Deaf students and nondisabled students who are our allies and peers.

We want to create a space for disabled and culturally Deaf students to:

  •   Work for campus and national change
  •   Encourage the development of disability culture and community
  •   Increase peer support
  •   Advance the study of disabilities within academia

We are excited to have a chapter of DREAM right here at Weber State, run with the support of the Disability Services office!

- Get Involved -

Get involved with DREAM to help you feel connected to campus resources, understand how to be a successful student and find a sense of community and belonging here at Weber State.

Get a Peer Mentor


Mentors can help with things like:

  • Connecting with campus resources like Academic Peer Coaching, Counseling & Psychological Services, and Tutoring. If you are feeling lost and aren’t sure what support you need, a mentor can talk with you about that and help you take the first steps to learn more about the things Weber has to offer.
  • Figuring out how to advocate for yourself and communicate with instructors. Sometimes it can be difficult knowing how to start conversations about your needs or knowing what questions to ask. We can help you practice the skills to advocate for yourself and communicate effectively.
  • DREAM Peer mentors can also just chat with you and help you feel more connected to the campus community. College can be overwhelming, especially if you are navigating it with a disability, and having someone who understands what you’re going through can make a world of difference.

→ If you identify as a student with a disability and would like to be paired with a mentor, please email DREAM@weber.edu and tell us a little about yourself.

Be a DREAM Peer Mentor

Peer mentors for the DREAM program provide support to students in one-on-one and small group settings by teaching disability awareness, self-advocacy, time management, study skills, social skills, wellness and similar higher education learning outcomes. Mentors work closely with Disability Service advisors and the DREAM program to connect students to campus and resources. Peer mentors play a particular role in providing specialized transition support services for students with disabilities.

Student mentors are work-study/hourly employees under the supervision of the DREAM Director and Transition Coordinator, approx. 5-20 hours per week depending upon availability and need. Consideration may also be given to volunteers or internship/practicum students.

→ If you would like to become a mentor for DREAM, please email us at DREAM@weber.edu.

Our DREAM leadership will meet with you to discuss your interest and availability, and help you define your role as a member of DREAM.

Be a DREAM Ambassador

DREAM Ambassadors act as leaders and positive role models for Disability Services and DREAM. They will provide leadership for outreach events at the university and in the community, such as the local transition fairs, Block Party, WeberStock, new student orientations, discussion panels, and many other opportunities to help educate campus and community members about disability and accommodation processes. Ambassadors may also assist with planning and hosting events for Disability Services, including Wildcat DREAM Experience days, workshops, and conferences to recruit new students and advertise DREAM. 

Student ambassadors are non-employee participants who gain leadership experience and receive tuition waivers and/or certified volunteer hours, as eligible.

→ If you would like to become an ambassador for DREAM, please email us at DREAM@weber.edu.

Our DREAM leadership will meet with you to discuss your interest and availability, and help you define your role as a member of DREAM.

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