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WSU Ogden

SC, Room 181

WSU Davis

D2, Room 256

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Accommodated Testing Center  Center Hours


Angela McLean


Empty Position

Administrative Assistant

 Shawna Werner

Shawna Werner


 Brady Rae

Brady Rae

Disability Specialist

 Sarah Doying

Sarah Doying

Disability Specialist/Transition Coordinator

 Teresa Taylor

Teresa Taylor

Disability Specialist, Davis Campus

Michael Nakai

Adaptive Technology Specialist

 Laura Sheffield

Laura Sheffield

Transcription and Captioning Specialist

Empty Position

Accommodation Specialist

Rachael Miller

Lead ASL Interpreter

Taylor Mousley

ASL Interpreting Specialist

Heather Beck

Lead ASL Interpreter

 Chelsea Farnsworth

Chelsea Farnsworth

Assistant Disability Specialist, Davis Campus

 Mission Statement

Disabilities Services is charged with providing services and accommodations to qualified students with disabilities attending, or planning to attend, Weber State University (WSU). Disability Services supports WSU’s overall mission by concentrating our efforts on the University’s Core Themes of Access and Learning.


Through an individualized assessment process, Disability Services will work with the student to identify any disability related limitations, providing appropriate accommodations designed to overcome any potential barriers to learning. Disability Services takes a proactive role in improving the overall campus environment for individuals with disabilities by supporting and encouraging the elimination of barriers to facilities, programs, and resources.


Disability Services provides specialized services, technology, and advisement to meet the specific needs of each student with a disability at WSU. Recognizing that a student’s own ability should be the determining factor in their academic success, we support individual independence and self-determination by emphasizing self-advocacy and personal responsibility.