Disability Services Concurrent Enrollment

Students enrolled in WSU Concurrent Enrollment (CE) classes may request accommodations in accordance with relevant disability law. It is generally the policy of WSU Disability Services to defer to previously approved and effective accommodation plans created by appropriate high school staff, as long as the requested accommodations do not compromise the completion requirements of the university course. In other words, if accommodations in a 504 plan or IEP have proven effective for a student, and are reasonable for a university level class, they should continue in CE classes. Faculty, staff, parents, and students may contact WSU Disability Services at any point to discuss or verify accommodations for CE classes. 

  • CE students should discuss their accommodation needs with faculty as soon as possible. Most questions or situational issues can be discussed and subsequently resolved to meet the students’ needs. Students should provide faculty with written (print or email) requests of accommodations for their approved 504 or IEP plan.
  • CE faculty should communicate with the student and appropriate high school staff to carry out student accommodation requests. Faculty are encouraged to work with students, parents, and school-appointed officials supervising accommodation plans (i.e. counselors, administrators, special education teachers). Faculty should contact WSU Disability Services prior to denying any accommodation request under 504 or IEP. Faculty are encouraged to contact WSU Disability Services to discuss any concerns, but especially if they believe a requested accommodation may not be reasonable given course requirements.
  • High School support staff should assist the student and faculty as often as necessary to ensure that accommodations are timely and effective. WSU Disability Services can assist in resolving any issues that arise related to accommodations for WSU CE classes.
  • CE student parents should provide support for their students and communicate with high school and university personnel as needed; however, the CE student must engage in and approve of the accommodation process.

For new accommodation requests (not included in a current 504 plan or IEP), CE students will need to meet with WSU Disability Services and complete eligibility requirements. CE students should also be aware that the provision of accommodations for CE courses may not transfer or remain in force upon university matriculation after high school graduation.