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Math Tutoring 

The Math Tutoring Center is a place where math students can go to work on homework and receive free tutoring and support.

Things you need to know about The Math Tutoring Center:

- It's Free!
- Virtual tutoring is available.
- Two locations. Double-check the hours for the location you're heading to.
- No call ahead required. Come as often and stay as long as you need (within posted hours).


Why should I get help at The Math Tutoring Center?

The benefits of tutoring vary from student to student, but there is no doubt that any student, of any skill level, can benefit from tutoring.  Tutors can assist students that are struggling to keep up with subject matter or challenge those who need an extra push.  This is because tutors are able to create individualized learning experiences.

Tutoring puts the learner in the driver's seat.  It helps students:

  • learn that it's okay to ask for help and seek assistance from others
  • learn work and study habits
  • learn how to recognize and control their learning pace and take initiative when doing their coursework
  • feel more confident in their ability to succeed in school.

Where is The Math Tutoring Center?

There are two centers:

Ogden Campus

Tracy Hall Science Center, TY232 & TY233

Davis Campus

Building 2, Room D2 233


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