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Math Stories

These students are finding success in Math! You can too!
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  • Tammy

  • Troy

  • Vivien

  • Julie

"I have always had difficulty with Math comprehension and procrastinated returning to school to complete my degree. I registered for Math 0950 and dropped the class four times before successfully completing it!

A co-worker of mine encouraged me to give the Weber State University Developmental Math Program a chance as they found the instructors caring and helpful. So, I chose to step outside of my comfort zone and registered for Math 0950. I advised my instructor of my fears and concerns. She encouraged me to utilize the Math Hub, and she would also be willing to help me find ways to understand the language of math. I really liked the Growth Mindset lessons, and they helped me to be successful!

I chose to dig in and work hard to overcome my math anxieties and fears. I followed the guidance provided to me and my classmates. Though I struggled in Math 0950 and 0970, I was able to pass these classes. I completed the final math class needed for my degree, and I am so grateful to all of the instructors, tutors, and Math Hub staff that encouraged me not to give up and fight through my fears!"          



"I loved my math class. The way the teacher taught us was a wonderful way to learn.

The course was flexible and the teacher was understanding if we needed extra help. I felt that if I needed any help I could always ask, and I knew that the teacher would help.

I am looking forward to my next math class. I really appreciate having such a wonderful teacher for math."          





"When I was taking math I honestly thought that I would not be able to accomplish my dream of being a health administrator because of my anxiety with math. I expected I'd have to retake multiple math courses.

My math teacher not only taught me math, she gave me the confidence I needed to pass all of my math requirements the first time.

The computer program was clear and helpful. It allowed us to learn at our own pace and gave us the tools we needed. My teacher was always willing to help me, meet me before class or stay late after class. She helped me the gain the confidence to continue achieving my goal."                                                  





"After failing first-year algebra for two consecutive years, I was labeled as unteachable. The most painful thing was that I was completely excluded from all of the sciences, where my interests were.

Over the decades I have received so much conflicting guidance that I really haven’t had any idea what math was, let alone how to speak the language. Luckily for me, Weber State’s Developmental Math program and two exceptionally caring and patient instructors are helping me learn the language of math.

The computerized math courses are very beneficial, but the real strength of the program is the instructors. My instructors have explained things so simply and logically that even a VERY confused oldster could understand the process. And they even said the same things in the same way!

Things are falling into place and I’m finally making progress after struggling for decades. Now I finally have hope for a future."                                                        



"The idea of returning to school had always seemed exciting to me because having a degree from college would be an awesome accomplishment. 

When family and friends found out I was returning to school, they would ask me if I was excited.  My reply was always, “Yes. I am really excited, but not for math.” 

My very first class on my first day of college was going to be math, and I was very nervous.  My teacher quickly made it clear she was very approachable. And after just one week of math class, I was feeling really confident.  In three weeks I had already learned more than I had learned in all the years I had taken math in high school. Our teacher was our own personal cheerleader. Who knew that one day I’d look forward to attending math class."





"I have had nothing but good experiences in the Developmental Math Department.  Not only have I met good teachers, I have met good people. 

This department is, first and foremost, the perfect example of a service program. I have had the great opportunity to receive help outside of the classroom setting for countless hours from the instructors.

I have great appreciation to them for helping make math accessible."






"I do not love math, but I am grateful for the opportunity to learn and try new things.

When I start to feel frustrated, I remind myself how blessed I am to live in a country where women are allowed to learn and grow, and also where I have financial resources and opportunities to go to college.

I love that Weber has access to some wonderful resources like the hub, and tools for students like me who struggle with some of the math concepts and formulas. It is exciting when I finally master a concept, and it reminds me that I can do hard things with a little perseverance."





"As a painfully shy girl, I was kicked out of high school because I failed math. I was not offered any makeup classes or packets, or maybe there weren't any available way back then. Although I finished high school elsewhere and started college, the voice of my high school math teacher stayed in my head for a long time which said, “don’t fail my class or you’ll make me look bad.” My own voice continued to say, “I can’t do it.” That fear held me back from completing college for many years.

When I decided to go back after raising my family, I was scared, but my desire for a degree was finally bigger than my fear. Because I had to start at the bottom in 950, that meant many daunting math classes. But as I started, I soon found that with great math teachers, I could do it! After taking Development Math with Professor Yonkee, I learned that not only could I do it, I loved it! Math became one of my favorite classes that semester and I looked forward to going every day, seriously! In my final math class, I had a few moments of fear and not understanding, but I kept at it and ended up receiving the highest grade in my class on the final comprehensive test - finishing with all “A”s in math. Take that, high school math teacher! If all other math classes had been as great as those at WSU, I wouldn’t have had a fear of math in the first place.

What if I had never pushed past things that scared me? Today, I would be a high school drop out with no idea of what I was capable of achieving. Instead, I am graduating with honors and with the satisfaction of knowing that success comes when we keep going during times when we’re scared, tired, and mentally done, when other voices or even our own voice says, “Just quit.” Success comes when we rise out of our proverbial ashes and say, I can do this."





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