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Find Your Perfect Math Path!

Finding your perfect math path is as easy as following three simple steps.  Here’s an easy guide through those steps. Make sure to talk with your advisor to verify you have selected the best path for your major.

STEP 1:  Decide which Quantitative Literacy (QL) course you need to take.

Quantitative Literacy is a core requirement for the majority of Weber State programs.  Most students fulfill the QL requirement with one of the following courses.

Math QL1030 Contemporary Mathematics
Typically the choice for students in the arts and humanities, some social sciences, and some health sciences.

Math QL1040 Introduction to Statistics
Typically the choice for students in social sciences and some health sciences.

Math QL1050 College Algebra
Typically the choice for students in business, the sciences, and engineering.

Math QL1080 Pre-Calculus
Typically the choice for students in the sciences and engineering.

Math QL2020 Mathematics for Elementary Teachers II
Typically the choice for students in elementary education and early childhood education.

STEP 2:  Use your current math placement to determine where to start.

To find your current math placement talk with an advisor or review your CatTracks profile.  Math placement is designed to place you in the highest level course in which you are able to succeed.  There are three options for determining where to start your math path.  Learn more here. 

STEP 3:  Choose a class format.

Review each class format and what classes are taught in that manner.  Finally, register for the course and path that is best for you. 

If you have any questions, please reach out to the Developmental Math Advisor.

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