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Learn Your Way!

Step 3 is determining what learning environment best suits you for the courses you are required to take in completing your Quantitative Literacy (QL) requirement. Review each learning environment option and what courses are taught in that manner. Finally, with the help of your advisor, register for the best fit mathematics course. If you have any question, please reach out to the Developmental Mathematics Advisor.


Flipped Math

Take notes from videos or the textbook outside of class and work on exercise sets in class in a study group with teacher guidance. Extra help is also available in the Hub computer lab. MATH 0950 and 1010 offer this learning environment. Look for courses labeled "FLIP" in the course title.


Pathway to Contemporary Math

Know the practical value of math; the "why" behind the "how" of doing math problems. The class includes working individually and in groups to learn how to use math to solve real problems. This class is also a prerequisite to R.E.A.L. Math 1010.  This is the MATH 0970 learning environment.


R.E.A.L. Math

In Real-World Explorations and Active Learning Math, you explore and solve real-life problems while working in a group setting. This is a learn-by-doing approach to math, so good attendance is very important. R.E.A.L math is available for Math 950 and Math 1010. Look for "REAL" in the course title.  


Online Courses 

Online classes are completed entirely online. No meeting face-to-face with classmates or your instructor. Quizzes and tests are online and must be proctored in an approved testing location. MATH 950, 990, or 1010 courses offer this learning environment. Online math students have the option to complete more than one course in a semester using Fast Track. 


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