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Fits your schedule, skills and independent learning style.

What is an online math course?

Online math classes cover the same content covered in master-based classes and completed entirely online with no face-to-face class meetings. All material is available online. Students take notes from online videos and/or the etext and submit them online. Homework can be completed wherever internet access is available. Computerized quizzes and tests must be taken in an approved proctored environment, which may require additional costs.    

Is an online math course right for me?

If you have struggled in math in the past or if it has been a long time since you’ve taken a math course, you may want to consider all the course options WSU has to offer before choosing an online course.  Check out our website for descriptions of other types of courses.  Online courses work best for students who are:
•    Computer proficient
•    Consistent with communicating regularly via email
•    Motivated and independent learners who don’t need the face-to-face accountability of support in a face-to-face classroom
•    Comfortable taking quizzes and tests in a formal, proctored environment

If you don’t meet these criteria, but still need to take an online course, please communicate your challenges to your instructor and work closely with your instructor to ensure your success.

Which classes are taught using the Online format?

  • Math 0950
  • Math 0990
  • Math 1010

Where can I get help for my Online class?

Students in Developmental Math classes are always welcome to get free tutoring help in the Hub. The Hub has computers available to use for notes and to complete homework or take quizzes. Tutors are always available to answer any questions regarding homework and previously taken quizzes/tests. It is also encouraged for students to reach out to their instructors for help.

What is "Fast Track"?

Online math students have the option to complete more than one course in a semester or work more quickly through a course using Fast Track.  Each module has an optional Fast Track quiz that allows you to skip the notes, homework, and quiz for that module.  Check with your instructor to see if Fast Track is a good option for you!

Fast Track Facts:
•    Available in every online course.
•    The Fast Track quizzes must be taken in the Hub testing center or with a pre-approved distance testing proctor.
•    A score of at least 80% is needed to pass (one attempt only).  If you don’t pass it with 80% or higher, just complete the notes, homework, and quiz for that module.
•    Fast Tracks are only available prior to the Module’s Quiz due date.


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