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Area of Focus
Data Steward(s) Types of Data

Data Steward(s) Contact Info


Ron Smith:
Controller and Director of Accounting Services

Reports and data are associated with the FIMSMGR schema in Banner as well as the Finance - Campus Access reports in Argos.
Accounts Receivable (student) Michael Richter:
Reports and data are associated with the TAISMGR and WTAISMGR schemas in Banner. Primary data consists of the charges and payments on a student's account.
Advancement Services; Alumni & donations

Carol Ruden:
Director of Advancement Services

Reports and data are associated with alumni, donors and friends of WSU. 

Facilities Management Assad Reichdan:
Manager, Facilities Mgmt Information Services
Data associated with construction, operation, and maintenance of buildings, building systems, grounds, utilities, and signage. Includes spatial data (GIS) and building models (BIM) for all university's assets.
Financial Aid Jed Spencer:
Director of Financial Aid
Reports and data are associated with the FAISMGR schema in Banner. Primary data consists of amounts and details for a student's scholarship or federal funding.
General Person

Jed Spencer:
Director, Financial Aid

Lisa Allen:
Director of Payroll

Scott Teichert:
Director of Admissions

Casey Bullock:
University Registrar 

Oversees fields that are used across campus such as names, address and ID.

Human Resources Cherrie Nelson:
Assistant Vice President for Human Resources
Definitions in relation to the classification of employees.
Institutional Research 

Clayton Anderson:
Director of Budget & Institutional Research

Institutional Research Office at Weber State University. Utilizes census data with state reporting.

Payroll Lisa Allen:
Director of Payroll
Definitions in relation to codes and processes for paying WSU employees.

Sherri Melton:
Director of Financial & Enrollment Services

Casey Bullock:

Scott Teichert:
Director of Admissions

Encompasses the following offices: Admissions, Athletics, Continuing Education, Graduation and the Registrar.

Student Affairs  Jessica Oyler:
Director of Student Affairs Assessment & Strategic Initiatives
Information regarding clubs, student organizations, card-swipe data, International Office and Veteran Affairs.