WSU Data Literacy Training


The goal of this site is to help you better understand where to go for different types of data and reports, thus giving you access to the most current data to improve data-driven decision making. It should empower you to become a more informed data citizen. 

Here you will find WSU data training material from past webinars, videos, how-to guides, and WSU Bridge training courses for more in-depth knowledge around WSU data.

Training Series

The following are pre-recorded videos and PDFs that cover specific dashboards for specific times in the student life cycle. Future data training series, videos, and webinars will be posted here!  

How to use the WSU Report Gallery Dashboards 

The following information demonstrates key elements within each WSU dashboards that are published within the WSU Report Gallery app located within the eWeber portal. More videos and how-to-guides will be posted soon! 


WSU Bridge Course

The following WSU Bridge courses cover all the training videos for the listed dashboards below and provides a comprehensive training, instead of the short videos lists above for these specific dashboards. The Bridge courses allow for the assessment of learning, with pre- & post-tests, short quizzes, and follow-up items to help gain a greater understanding of key processes in enrollment, trends, student persistence, and success! 


Data Literacy Training

The following are excellent videos presented by Arizona State University and Crash Course, Study Hall. These are a series of tailored YouTube videos aimed at helping everyone become more data literate and good data citizens. Data literacy is important because it gives us the ability to read, write, and communicate in context, allowing us to better analyze and interpret different types of data. Data literacy helps us develop actionable insights for data-driven decision making. 



Need additional training around WSU data?

For additional training or data requests, please email Daniel Jensen: or