WSU Data Governance: A Common Data Language

WSU Data Governance Policies and Procedures

Data Governance at WSU is designed to increase collaboration among divisions and departments through providing a common language for all to use when discussing data elements. 

The objectives of data governance at WSU are as follows:
  • To improve campus reporting strategies and access to data in order to facilitate ease of decision making.
  • To standardize and clarify data definitions with the goal of improving the consistency, uniformity and accuracy of institutional data.
  • To provide a framework that ensures data are captured accurately and consistently from a variety of sources, and to create data policies that maximize access to this data to all appropriate personnel.

Data Governance Executive Committee Charter

The charge of the Data Governance Executive Committee (DGEC) is to develop and support data governance processes that address the institutional need for data accuracy, consistency, and accessibility. This group, comprised of one or two direct reports of each WSU vice-president, will lead a collaborative effort to effectively share information (data) across functional areas through the establishment of processes to identify institutional data needs, provide access, and ensure overall data consistency and integrity.

The complete charter is available for viewing or download.


Data Standards Information and Documentation

Guidelines have been established related to general campus data elements to provide quality and consistency for data entry. These guidelines also define the responsibilities of everyone accessing and managing data. Offices may have individual guidelines that supplement, but do not supplant or contradict these guidelines. These guidelines are to ensure database integrity and easy, professional, cost-effective communication.  

The complete data standards document is available for viewing or download