Dance Performance

Bachelor of Arts

The Bachelor of Arts in Dance provides a variety of experiences for students to explore dance in today's world, including performance, choreography, community engagement, teaching, writing, social and cultural explorations.Through collaborative and interdisciplinary activities, this degree provides students with the tools to channel their creative passion when navigating their career interests or advanced study choices.

Academic Research
Creative Synthesis is a capstone course for dance majors. Utilizing the skills gained during a student’s undergraduate experience, the course is designed to offer guidance and support for students to pursue research, production or performance.

Associate of Arts

Our program offers an Associate of Arts in Dance, providing a foundation of general education and career skills applicable to the field of dance. This degree allows students to explore the history, theory and science of dance while enhancing their skills and developing connections.

Dance Minor

A minor in dance is designed for students who want to supplement a degree in another discipline while exploring their interests in dance. This 18-credit option features classes in technique, creative work and theoretical applications of dance.

Joseph “jo” Blake

Bachelor of Arts in Dance Information