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Dance Program Mission Statement

We acknowledge that dance is more than an art form. Through practice and play, we discover the value of dance to foster empathy, creative freedom and inclusion. We are a community of professional and emerging artists who understand the power of dance to transform the individual in the community.

We value open-access enrollment, nurturing the whole individual. The program’s belief in the interconnectedness of diverse backgrounds, cultures, education and teaching styles provides self-realized growth among students and faculty. We practice the integration of the art form in all of its diverse manifestations - societal reform, social justice, arts, education, research and language.


Student Perspectives


When I started college I was very nervous. Although, when I entered the dance space, I immediately found comfort during a time of uncertainty. I believe this feeling came because of how welcoming all the students, professors and other staff members were in the dance department.

Courtney Harris

BA in Dance Performance, 2023

I like looking back and reflecting on how much I've grown while being involved in the WSU Dance Program. My professors really pushed me creatively, intellectually and kinesthetically. It's important that there are educators instilling the importance of art to students. And in doing so, they would be allowing students to express themselves and share life experiences through art/movement.

Dominic Favela (They/Them)

BA in Dance Education, 2024

I formed connections with my peers and teachers that have lasted beyond graduation. It was this strong network that helped launch me into a dance teaching career and helped when applying to graduate programs for dance/movement therapy. I know who to call for creative projects, and have friends and mentors who inspire me to continue to move forward.

Tawna Halbert (She/Her)

BA in Dance Education, 2010

I really appreciate and value the WSU Dance Program because of the opportunities for growth and potential that each student is given. I was a dancer who had only two years of experience with dance before coming into the department. However, with hard work, dedication and a supportive community of peers and faculty, I felt a sense of belonging and I learned who I was as a person and a mover.

Emily Peralez

BA in Dance Education & English Teaching, 2021