Student Testimonials


"You get a really good feel for everything you're going to experience when you go out into the industry"
-Jennifer, CNM Graduate


“My NTM degree has been very valuable in helping me to get to where I am in my career presently.  It provided me a big head start in the technology industry upon graduating.  The detailed instruction, knowledge, and hands on experience I gained was exactly what employers were looking for.  I was able to begin my career and be very productive from day one.  This helped me to advance  very quickly in a competitive environment."
-Darin, CNM Graduate


"I have always been fascinated by working around computers since I was young. I have always wished to learn how computers communicate with each other. After researching, I found Network Management Technology is the perfect match of what I have been looking to study. It is also believed that there are inappropriate network management staff even though the needs are rising." 
- Mujtaba, CNM Student