Deans Approval in Curriculog

To approve proposals in curriculog, use the following instructions.

1.  Login to the eWeber Portal.  Type “Curriculum Proposals” in the search box.  Add this app to your favorites list for future use.  You will go here to approve all proposals.  (You only need to do this step once if you put this app on your Favorites List)

2.  Login to Curriculog:

Be sure you are logged in by checking that your name shows in the light blue box across the top on the right side.  If not, click on login and your name will pop up on the bar.  You are now logged in.  The left side shows a list of proposals and the right shows My Dashboard (a yellowish color).

3.  To Find your Pin Number:

Deans are required to use a PIN to sign off proposals.  This is how you locate your pin number:

To find your PIN, hover over your name and a menu (My Settings) appears.  Click on “My Settings”.  Click on your name and on the right side, scroll down almost to the bottom where it shows Signature Pin “View Pin” click on view pin and it will show what your pin is.  Write it down so you have it or memorize it. This can be changed by calling Patti Glover, 6233.

When you are asked to put in your Signature PIN, type in this number. 

4.  Review and Approve Proposal

Click on Proposals on the light blue tool bar on the left side. This will put you back into the My Dashboard screen.

Click on My Tasks tab on the left side to see the proposals to be approved.
Click on the proposal that you need to approve.
Click on the Icon “Edit Proposal”.  (Looks like a piece of paper with the corner folded down)

When the proposal opens, on the right side under Proposal Toolbox click on the Icon with the check mark in the Blue circle “Decisions”.  This opens a decision window where you can approve, hold, reject. Etc. 

Click on your answer.   A box will come up and ask you to “make your decision”
You must verify your decision and put in your pin number if asked to do so.
Then the proposal moves on to the next step.

4.  Return to the list of proposals (My Tasks tab) and make your decisions on the rest of those you need to approve.

Hint:  You can go to “My Task” Tab and see your list of proposals or stay on All Proposals tab.