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Wildlife, Conservation and Culture of Russia 

Avian Field Research Study Abroad Experience in Siberia, May 2020

What To Expect

The first three days of the trip will be spent in Moscow.  This will allow participants to experience the rich culture and history of Russia.  In Moscow, the group will also meet with wildlife biologists and researchers to learn about wildlife management and current conservation initiatives.

Next students will travel to southern Siberia and conduct research at Lake Baikal. Lake Baikal is surrounded by diverse habitats, from expansive shorelines and mountain ranges to taiga forests and steppe meadows, which attracts numerous birds.  Participants will engage in research at a bird-banding station during spring migration.  The Baikalsky Reserve banding station is a long-term research site where over 7,000 birds are banded annually.  The group will then travel to the Selenga Delta Ranger Camp.  The Selenga Delta is a vast wetland complex where millions of waterfowl, gulls, terns, herons, grebes and other waterbirds breed and stage during migration.  

Earning Zoology Electives

Before departure to Russia, the participants will be required to develop a research question and hypothesis that they will collect data to test while at Lake Baikal.  This research project will be a major component of the course and will allow participants the opportunity to learn how to apply the scientific method to addressing research questions or problems. Student's work will earn them three elective credits in zoology.


For more information contact
Dr. John Cavitt


Cost and Itinerary

Space is limited so registration is first come first serve basis. The cost is $2500 plus airfare to Moscow (in-country transportation is included). The due date for the payment in full is May 14th, 2020.

May 15: Arrival in Moscow - late afternoon
May 16: Tour of Moscow
May 17: Tour Moscow, Depart for Irkusk.
May 18: Arrive at Lake Baikal/Tankhoy
May 19: Tankhoy, Baikalsky Preserve
May 20 - 24: Mishikha Banding Station
May 25- 27: Selenga Delta Avian Research Camp
May 28: Arrival Ulan Ude
May 29: Ulan Ude, Overnight train to Irkutsk
May 30: Flight to Moscow
May 31: Early flight to Utah


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