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First Environmental Science Major Graduate! 

     Growing up I had a deep appreciation for my teachers and mentors. I was fortunate to have many people throughout my life who made school a safe space for me, who encouraged me to accept challenges and not be afraid of failure. One of my mentors, Cherokee Johnson from Hill AFB Youth Services, helped me use this growth mindset to earn the Boys & Girls Clubs of America National Military Youth of the Year competition as a freshman in 2017, a scholarship competition which has funded my entire degree. As a student at Weber State, I have continued “climbing Ever Upward”...

Kaila Lemons, Environmental Science Spring 2022 Graduate
April 25, 2022

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Another science story...

This year we are showing our story of overcoming and connecting. We want share how you look beyond just the word "connect" and find ways to "re" connect, "dis" connect, "inter"connect, find connect"edness," and beyond as part of CCEL's Engaged Learning Series.   

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WSU to U.S. Forest Service

March 25, 2022

The cool thing about the Forest Service is that there are so many options and ways to move around. I started out on a seasonal Fuels Crew on the Wasatch Cache National Forest. We installed vegetation plots and measured fuel loading to feed models that help us to plan prescribed burns. We also formed an initial attack squad that would help fight fires.  


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Spring Break Guide

March 3, 2022

Spring break… the mid-semester pause we all look forward to! You may be asking yourself, what is there to do?

Don’t worry – with the help of some Weber Science Wildcats, we’ve put together five of our favorite things to do during break! 



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