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Discovering Zoology 

    After serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Kathryn Wilde began her studies pursuing a major in chemistry. However, one day she was asked to join her sister for a lesson in horseback riding. It wasn’t long before she developed a passion for horses and began volunteering for the family that owned them. She trained the horses and worked with student riders. Her duties also included trimming hooves and learning different riding techniques. She decided to take Intro to Zoology with zoology professor, Christopher Hoagstom. He made the course such an enjoyable experience that she switched her major to zoology. She now has graduated with her bachelors in zoology from the College of Science here at Weber State University.  ...

December 2022 graduate, Kathryn Wilde's Weber Science story.
January 9th, 2023

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Another science story...

This year we are showing our story of overcoming and connecting. We want share how you look beyond just the word "connect" and find ways to "re" connect, "dis" connect, "inter"connect, find connect"edness," and beyond as part of CCEL's Engaged Learning Series.   

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Scholarship Tips & Tricks

November 18, 2022
It's National Scholarship Month! The College of Science's vision is to improve scientific and quantitative literacy, train the next generation of scientists and mathematicians, and increase human knowledge through pure and applied research. We are committed to enhancing student success by offering exceptional instruction with personalized attention. We understand this means students must feel secure in their financial ability to attend school. ... 

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Great Salt Lake Ecosystem

October 24, 2022
Working in the Great Salt Lake Ecosystem Program has been a great learning and networking opportunity. I have learned so much about the working unit of an ecosystem through the 4 biologists, three managers of waterfowl management areas (WMA), three assistant managers and the other technicians with whom I worked.
I did not realize how important water is to the GSL ecosystem. ... 


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