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Weber State HOSA Student Experiences

     Future Health Professionals (HOSA) is an international student-led organization that helps prepare students for healthcare careers. With service, leadership, competition, networking, and travel opportunities, there is something for everyone.

read the experiences of those members who attended the 2022 HOSA International Leadership Conference (ILC). We are proud of each of them, their amazing individual accomplishments as well as winning First Place HOSA Bowl as a team! ... 

August 23, 2022
by Students who participated in the 2022 HOSA International Leadership Conference

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Another science story...

This year we are showing our story of overcoming and connecting. We want share how you look beyond just the word "connect" and find ways to "re" connect, "dis" connect, "inter"connect, find connect"edness," and beyond as part of CCEL's Engaged Learning Series.   

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What Classes...Should I Take?

June 21, 2022
First, let’s talk about what the term “pre-med” means. Pre-med is short for a “pre-medical professional.” Pre-medical professional students seek to apply to “professional school” after they earn a bachelor’s (4-year) degree. Examples of professional schools are medical school, dental school, optometry school, chiropractic school, etc. Similar class requirements apply to pre-med, pre-dental, pre-pharmacy, and pre-physician assistant (PA) students. If you’re a student interested ...

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First Environmental Sci Grad

April 25, 2022
Growing up I had a deep appreciation for my teachers and mentors. I was fortunate to have many people throughout my life who made school a safe space for me, who encouraged me to accept challenges and not be afraid of failure. One of my mentors, Cherokee Johnson from Hill AFB Youth Services, helped me use this growth mindset to earn the Boys & Girls Clubs of America National Military Youth of the Year competition as a freshman in 2017, a scholarship competition which has funded my entire degree. ...

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