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My Full Circle Experience at Weber State


My decision to attend Weber State University was an easy one since it is one of the few colleges with an undergraduate Botany program. I knew upon entering college that I would major in Botany, so right after graduating high school in the spring of 2019, I applied and began taking classes that fall.

Although the decision was easy, I wasn’t always interested in studying science, not until my high school Biology class. My biology teacher, Ms. Roberts, was a Botany major in college herself, and in class, she would always express her excitement for plants, even considering them more interesting than humans or animals. Her energy and enthusiasm for the subject are ultimately what started my curiosity about plants...

Ashton Roane, spring 2024 botany graduate
April 24th, 2024

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I wake up in the early morning to the sound of yaks grazing outside of my tent, a mixture of many grunts and chewing sounds. This still feels so surreal, I have made it to Mongolia! I unzip my sleeping bag and emerge from my tent to take in the beautiful dew-covered view of our home for the next 7ish weeks at base camp. It is beautiful. ... 

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ChatGPT in the College 

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Building Your Science Story

July 31, 2023
YAs a student who wanted to stay close to home, as well as have affordable tuition, Weber State University was my school of choice. What I quickly learned is that this choice also came with a personalized college experience with professors invested in my success.  As an aspiring medical school student ... 


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"Birding," A New Passion

June 30, 2023
You hear them every day. From the early morning to the late evening as the “coos” echo in the air around you. What am I talking about? Believe it or not it’s birds. They are everywhere, some species more than others. From perched in the tallest trees to hopping around small shrubs in hopes of finding tiny insects. Before taking the ornithology course at Weber State University I was completely ... 

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