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Announcing the Weber Blog for Science

November 29, 2018
by Andrea Easter-Pilcher,
Dean of the College of Science

Announcing the Weber Blog for Science
from and for the Weber State University College of Science community.

The We.B.Sci intends to provide information, stimulate discussion, and highlight science events that are happening in northern Utah.

We.B.Sci will share the views of the College of Science faculty members, advisers, staff, and students. Their posts will focus on areas of specialization, current issues, and topics that are of general interest to our science community. Read student stories, personal and professional experiences of faculty and staff, and individual perspectives on what is going on in the vast realm of science.  In other words, expect to be inspired, informed and engaged by the wonder of our world.  

Speaking of the College of Science community, my husband Brian and I are brand new members, as of August 1, 2018!  We are both very pleased to be here.  While we both have backgrounds in wildlife and conservation biology, Brian also has additional expertise in student success work (for undergraduates in the sciences and for students in medical school) and pre-medical and pre-veterinary advising.  We both are faculty members in the Department of Zoology.  I have been lucky enough to be involved in wildlife research efforts around the world as a principal investigator and as a member of international research teams.  The majority of my research has focused on improving the long-term viability of endangered species and ecosystems and on issues that arise at the human-wildlife interface.

Brian and I have been warmly welcomed and well supported by the College of Science and Weber State University administration, faculty, staff and students. We are both excited about the future of the College of Science and the roles that we will play in that future.

New blog posts are to be published as often as 2-4 times a month. Next on the docket is Barb Trask, College of Science Associate Dean, with a great reminder on how to handle stress during this particularly intense time of the school year.





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