Weber State University Phased Guidelines for Pandemic Recovery

Last updated: V6 July 29, 2020 — (11 a.m. MDT) 

The goal of the Weber State University COVID-19 Task Force (Task Force) and Office of Emergency Management is to return the university to regular operations in an efficient, effective, but overall, safe manner. Following the presumed guidance of federal, state and local public health officials, WSU plans to use a cautious phased approach in returning to normal day-to-day activities to avoid a resurgence of disease that could compromise fall semester 2020. The purpose of the phased approach is to allow the recovery to proceed in such a way that it is easy to return to pandemic response functions should there be a resurgence of the virus. A slower, incremental return to regular operations will allow public health officials to monitor the effects of the societal changes to the spread of the virus. Should infection or transfer rates begin to increase, with this phased approach, WSU could take a small step back rather than completely change the university’s entire operational course again.

DISCLAIMER: These are recommendations that are subject to modification and may be superseded by county or local health department guidance.