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Faculty and Staff

Last updated: Oct. 19, 2020 —  (10 a.m. MDT)


As many employees and students come back to work before the fall semester, Weber State employees have a personal responsibility to:

  • Maintain physical distance 
  • Wear face coverings 
  • Keep classroom and office spaces clean 
  • Practice good hygiene 
  • Stay home when sick 

Employees are to take their temperature and assess symptoms each day, prior to coming to work. The general symptoms assessment includes checking for: cough, shortness of breath, muscle aches and pains, decreased sense of smell/taste, and/or sore throat and a fever greater than 100.4. 

Faculty, staff and students are required to properly wear face coverings in settings that make social distancing difficult, or not practical, or under circumstances where it is otherwise mandated. Face coverings are required inside all campus buildings with limited exceptions.

Do not come to work on campus if you are sick, particularly if you are displaying COVID-19-like symptoms. 

For those teaching in-person classes, we ask that you keep a record of attendance and seating for contact tracing purposes. This will be accomplished by maintaining an assigned seating chart in Canvas or any other way faculty find convenient. This information will be invaluable if we need to contact other students who may have been exposed to a student in your class diagnosed with the virus.

Coming Back to Work

Supervisors have some flexibility and autonomy in meeting the expectation for individuals working on campus. We encouage rotating shifts, flexible scheduling, and remote work where possible, while also providing on-campus services to students. Vice presidents will be working with supervisors in their area on what their plans will look like.

For questions about responding to student safety violations, teaching in person and more, please visit our Academic Affairs website. 

More information about coming back to work can be found on the Human Resources website. 

There will also be multiple courses available through Training Tracker related to de-escalating situations regarding boundaries and the enforcement of mitigation protocols, including the wearing of face coverings.

This guidance is subject to change. We know that our cases across the state have increased in the last two weeks, and we are hoping that this will level out by the time we approach fall semester. We ask that you remain adaptable as we navigate this return to campus together.

All those with a valid A permit may park in any of the A lots during the fall 2020 semester.


University-related travel (domestic and international) should not occur through Jan. 10, 2021. Exceptions to this restriction must be done with an abundance of caution and be approved by the dean or vice president and the Executive Committee of the WSU COVID-19 Task Force.

Individuals traveling back from countries and regions of the United States with high COVID-19 transmission rates may be asked to self-isolate for 14 days after their return.

Motor Pool vehicles will be available for single-occupancy use only and restricted to travel within the state of Utah.

We continue to encourage you, when considering your personal travel choices, to follow travel advisories issued by your local and state authorities. If you choose to travel, you may be restricted from returning to work, depending upon the specifics of your circumstances.


Weber State has resumed in-person, on-campus instruction for the 2020-21 school year with additional online and virtual options as well.

The individual class delivery formats will remain consistent throughout the semester, even if the state or region moves to a new risk level. The only possible change to delivery format would occur if the state or region changes back to Moderate or High Risk Phase. If that happens, the current plan would be to move on-campus courses to virtual or online.