Report an Ethical Concern

Weber State University is dedicated to providing a safe, secure and ethical place of learning and employment. Every person at WSU shares in the responsibility for promoting a positive environment. We consider your concerns about ethical issues very important and hope for your cooperation in resolving them.

WSU uses Red Flag Reporting, a private contractor, to administer its Ethics & Compliance Hotline. The Red Flag Reporting service offers independence, confidentiality and 24/7 availability. It provides a simple, risk-free way to report activities that may involve unethical, criminal or otherwise inappropriate activity or behavior in violation of WSU policies. You can choose to be anonymous or not with all methods of reporting.

Red Flag Reporting is a tool that assists the university community in working together to address fraud, abuse, misconduct and other violations, while helping to cultivate a positive environment.

You can report a concern by:

You may also use the following methods (be sure to be detail-oriented, provide our university name, and indicate whether you wish to be anonymous):

  • Fax to 330-572-8146
  • Email to
  • Mail to RFR, P.O. Box 4230, Akron OH 44321

Note: The Red Flag Reporting system does not replace existing reporting systems on campus. You are encouraged to bring concerns to your supervisor, Human Resources, Equal Opportunity, WSU Police or other campus entities as appropriate and resolve problems or disputes through established channels whenever possible.