Frequently Asked Questions

What if I leave for religious service, military service or other reasons?
You may defer your scholarship before enrolling at WSU or you can defer after attending just one semester.  Either way, we will hold your EDGE scholarship while you are gone.  You must go online and accept your scholarship award and then complete the scholarship deferment form.  We created a comprehensive web site to guide you through this process.  Go to Return to Weber.

How can I know that WSU has all of my concurrent enrollment courses?
Every student who takes a concurrent enrollment course registered for it first. Therefore, all WSU courses will already be in our computer system.  However, as part of the transition from concurrent enrollment student to a standard new freshman student, it is important that you send us official transcripts from all other institutions where you have earned college credit as well as any Advanced Placement (AP) or International Baccalaureate (IB) scores.  This will ensure that we have a complete picture of your academic work for advising purposes. If you are finishing your twelve credit hours just prior to high school graduation it is essential that you ensure WSU has all college transcripts from all institutions as soon as possible so a scholarship decision can be made. Notice of the EDGE scholarship will be mailed to you sometime in May or June. 

What if I receive an academic scholarship that gives me more money per semester than the Concurrent Enrollment EDGE Scholarship?
Then be sure to accept the scholarship that has the highest value and benefit to you!

Can I combine the Concurrent Enrollment EDGE Scholarship and other scholarships offered to me from Weber State?
The answer is “It depends on the type of scholarship.”  Tuition waivers can be “academic” awards (such as Presidential, High Honors, Concurrent Enrollment EDGE, etc.) or for participation in an “activity” (such as Orchestra, Band, Debate, Club Sport, etc.).  If the scholarship is an academic tuition waiver scholarship then you can only receive one award.  If the scholarship is an activity tuition waiver scholarship then it may be combined with the EDGE scholarship up to the amount of full tuition for that semester.  In addition to tuition waiver scholarships, students may qualify for hard-dollar scholarships coming from private funds.  Tuition waivers can be combined with private funds with few limitations.  You can find additional scholarship information here.


What happens if I enroll at WSU and then drop-out or fail some of my classes?
Sometimes students run into unexpected difficulties while attending college.  It could be a death of a family member, serious sickness, or injury.  There is an appeal process through the Financial Aid & Scholarship Office where you can petition and explain any circumstances beyond your control.  However, if you perform poorly (below a 2.5 GPA) because you are not focused and enjoying college life a little too much then your scholarship may be revoked.


Why are out-of-state students not eligible for this program?
The WSU Concurrent Enrollment EDGE Scholarship is for Utah residents only. The primary purpose is to help students in our service area.


Can I use this scholarship for summer semester?
Tuition waivers are generally used for fall and spring semesters.  However, if your circumstances are such that attending summer semester is an important part of your academic plan, then please contact the WSU Financial Aid & Scholarship Office to discuss your goals.