Concept Center Projects

    Here are some of our projects. We have many more that are in the patent process or customers have requested their projects remain confidential.



An unnamed donor gave us several wax cylinder recordings and an original Edison wax cylinder recorder/player, or phonograph, manufactured in 1903. Taylor Foss and the Concept Center team took the phonograph apart and got the 120-year-old device working. Then, they worked to create a modern version of it that allows not only playing but also digitizing wax cylinder recordings.

Art Project

Waterjet cut the public art project out of aluminum


UCAID Blimp with Camera Mount

Create blimp with camera mount system Integrate the camera system used for surveillance, including the development of the downlinks required for live surveillance  Integrate this to the police radio frequencies not available to the general public


Manufactured/ Designed Buoys to
measure water quality in Fish Lake Utah.

Braille Thumb Reader

Designed and 3-D printed hardware for automated Braille thumb reader. 

Electronics enclosure and board design

This device was developed to very intelligently and autonomously adapt energy usage to user needs. The device is able to scan a room for occupants and adjust lighting and heat input to fit their needs. 

Fatigue Test Machines

The purpose of this project was to; develop an automatic fatigue test machine that could handle thousands of continuous cycles, and provide engineers with the test data that they needed. 

Solar picnic table pavilions

Projects in Progress: Collaboration with Facilities and Sustainability.

Aloft Technologies Wireless headset

Feb 2011. UCAID conceptually designed the headset outward appearance of the device, solved several other mechanical design concerns and researched electronic solutions for the design.

Laser Pointer Testing Aid for Zoology Dept.


Conceptual Designs

This project involved producing conceptual designs and sourcing of components for a next generation of product. We provided a few fully functioning CAD examples and presented them to the customer.

ATK Torque Tester

  • Replaced/upgraded all electronic components
  • Power Supply
  • Motor / Motor Controller
  • Absolute Encoder / Encoder Parallel to Serial Interface
  • Solenoid Lock
  • Misc electronics on panel, connectors, fuses, etc.

Cloud Cap Technologies

Low cost drone for target practice, Dec 2010

Teaching Aid: Thermal Energy Transfer


Tape Dispenser

Prototype for a tape dispenser that makes it easier for individuals to cut and dispense bandaging tape with just one hand and arm.

Art Project

Waterjet cut the public art project out of aluminum