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The Weber State University (WSU) Concept Center leverages the technological expertise that grows at the university to make tangible industry improvements.  The WSU Concept Center supplements the university’s time-tested mission of teaching by expanding that mission to include the conversion of knowledge into solutions to real world problems.  In doing so, creating a supply of graduates with practical experience in solving relevant problems utilizing modern technology and the fundamentals of science.  These graduates will complete their academic careers with skills that are in demand and relevant in today’s job market.  Achieving this goal requires two components:


WSU Concept Center is a proving ground for students to work on industry sponsored projects under the direction of mentors.  This hands-on experience will create students that are better prepared to meet the demands of the modern workforce.

Research and Development:

The WSU Concept Center is a living laboratory where new knowledge, technology and capability are constantly expanding.  The WSU Concept Center is structured and capable of meeting a variety of different needs that industry will encounter from the creation of prototype products to research based solutions.