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Computer Science Tutoring 

Spring 2024

Tutors are available online six days a week (Monday thru Saturday). 

For a complete list of times and locations visit the schedule 

To meet online use the following button:

Google Meet

(Use your WSU Credentials)

How was your tutoring session? We welcome your feedback!


Computer Science Tutoring on Discord

Virtual computer science drop-in tutoring is available using the Discord app.

Computer Science Tutoring on Discord


WSU Tutoring

We offer both in-person and virtual tutoring options.

WSU Tutoring
Davis Learning Center



As a student under the School of Computing you have access to a student account at Pluralsight.  Watch in-depth video tutorials on any number of topics. The creators of these videos like to start at a very rudimentary place to allow you to grow as you watch them.

If you do not have a subscription (which you can find out from step 1), then you need to contact one of the following staff about getting a subscription. You will have to have declared CS, NET or WEB as a major.

Computer Science:
Cybersecurity and Network Management:
Web & User Experience:
Davis Campus Computer Science:
Salt Lake Community College Students: