Code Purple Emergency Notification System

Do you want to know when WSU is closed due to weather? Or when there is an emergency on campus? Code Purple is an emergency notification system that gives Weber State University the ability to communicate health and safety emergency information quickly by text, voice and email message. By enrolling in Code Purple, you may receive safety-related information, regardless of your location.

Together we can work to ensure that Weber State University remains a safe and secure environment for everyone. Make sure you'll get the word from Code Purple.

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The Code Purple App

Download the WSU Code Purple app and get up-to-date information and important alerts when an emergency occurs on campus, or use its safety features so you’re always safe and secure. The Code Purple app includes:

  • Texting with a dispatcher
  • Enabling Weber State police or a trusted friend access to track your location via GPS while hiking, walking home at night or any potentially unsafe activity
  • And more!

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WSU uses standard words and phrases to report different kinds of situations. Know what they mean and what to do in each situation.

SAFETY ALERT: Issued in a timely manner following a crime reported on or near campus that represents a serious or continuing threat — such as sexual assault, armed robbery, hate crime, etc. These messages are informational; no immediate action is necessary on your part.

Emergency Notifications

LOCKDOWN: Should a hostile or armed intruder come to campus, run away if possible. If not, go to a room that can be locked or barricaded. Close blinds, turn off lights, spread out and hide, silence phones. Be ready to fight if necessary. Do not leave until you receive an all-clear message.

SHELTER IN PLACE: Issued in the event of severe weather or hazardous material spill. Stay safe inside in order to avoid dangerous conditions. Do not leave area until you receive an all-clear message.

CAMPUS CLOSURE: Issued when conditions, such as snow or high winds, make it unsafe for campus operations. Stay away.