2019-20 Clubs & Orgs Registration

Important Note: Safe @ Weber training is required to be provided per state law and mandates that in order for student clubs and organizations on campus to be fully registered and recognized they must complete either the online Safe @ Weber training or attend the C&O Office Meeting: Safe @ Weber Workshop

Mandatory Presidents' Training

  • This year the Presidents' Training will be offered on two different days; your club/org is only required to attend one of the days. 
    • Dates: Tuesday, September 3 (in SU 320) and Wednesday, September 4 (in SU 404B), both trainings will be held from 3-5pm. 
  • Please let the WSUSA C&O Team know which date you will be attending using the RSVP form.  
  • NOTE: ALL clubs are required to attend Presidents' Training (Tier 1, 2, and 3). Funding requests will not be approved if a club did not attend Presidents' Training. 
  • If you have any questions please email the Coordinator of Clubs & Organizations, Heather Cimino (heathercimino@weber.edu) or the WSUSA Clubs & Organizations Vice President, Katie Giddens (katherinegiddens@weber.edu).

Registration Form