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Criminal Justice Internships  

Thank you for your interest in the CJ 4860 - Criminal Justice Internship.  CJ 4860 is a field placement course where students will spend a minimum of 120 hours volunteering at a criminal justice-related site.  If you're interested in CJ 4860, please keep in mind:

  • You must currently be a freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior at Weber State University
  • All majors are accepted
  • Lower-division internships are also available (CJ 2860: Criminal Justice Field Experience, CJ 2861: Victim Advocacy Capstone, &
    CJ 2862: Juvenile Justice Capstone - each of these courses requires 40 hours of service = 1 credit) . For more information on criminal justice internships, please contact the Internship Director (Prof. Michelle Jeffs) or a Criminal Justice Advisor.
  • To be eligible for CJ 4860, you must have successfully completed (a grade of "C" or better) CJ 1010 - Introduction to Criminal Justice AND two of the following courses:
    • CJ 1300 - Corrections: History, Theory, and Practice
    • CJ 1330 - Criminal Law and Courts
    • CJ 2300 - Policing: History, Theory, and Practice
  • You must volunteer for a minimum of 120 hours during the semester (3 credits)
  • CJ 4860 cannot be taken through Distance Education
  • You might be asked to complete a background investigation prior to being accepted as an intern by the agency/department. (Note: for some agencies, this may take up to three months, so please plan ahead.)
  • Your internship must be a new experience and cannot involve activities/duties that you have already participated in (now or in the past).
  • You cannot conduct your internship at your place of employment unless you submit a signed/dated letter from the head of your agency (for example, police chief or sheriff) on official letterhead verifying that your internship experience:
    1. Is in a criminal justice-related job category that differs from your employment,
    2. Will not overlap any of your current job duties,
    3. Will not be completed during a time you're being paid by your employer, and
    4. Will be supervised by someone unrelated to your current job category. 
  • You cannot be supervised by a family member or friend.
  • You must be accepted by a site and turn in all necessary paperwork (filled out and signed) before the end of the second week of classes during the semester enrolled.
  • Students wishing to participate in a forensics-related internship (CJ 4861 - CSI Internship) MUST meet with Dr. Brent Horn before beginning the enrollment process outlined below.

For those wishing to enroll in CJ 4860, CJ 4861, CJ 2860, CJ 2861, or CJ 2862, please take the following steps:

  1. Review the "Possible Internship Sites" located at the bottom of this page.
  2. Contact those sites that interest you to see if they're still offering an internship experience and if you'd be a good fit.
  3. Once you have a site that is willing to accept you as an intern, download and fill out the three forms at the bottom of this page (COVID-19 Attestation Form, Field Experience Agreement, & the Release and Waiver of Liability form). Once completed (including all necessary dates/signatures), submit your forms to Shellie Weeks in the Department of Crimial Justice main office by noon of the second Friday of the semester you plan to enroll. (You MUST return forms with original signatures -- NO copies.)

Possible Internship Sites

For a list of potential internship sites, please click on the following link. (NOTE: You are not limited to these sites; they're simply examples):


Download and complete the following forms


 Field Experience Agreement  Release and Waiver of Liability 

When you've completed all of your paperwork and have the appropriate forms signed/dated, return the documents to
Shellie Weeks in the Department of Criminal Justice main office by noon of the second Friday of the semester you plan to enroll.