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Crime Scene Investigation

Crime Scene Investigation

The Criminal Justice program at WSU offers a concentration in Crime Scene Investigation.

The Criminal Justice Crime Scene Investigation concentration emphasizes the skills required for employment in positions focusing on the collection, documentation and preservation of evidence. Students that graduate from the CSI concentration are well prepared for careers as crime scene investigators, field evidence technicians and fingerprint analysts. Graduates from this program go on to careers with civilian crime scene units and fingerprint units throughout the western United States. Some students also go on to careers in law enforcement.

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The program is a hybrid of criminal justice courses, basic science courses, and forensic science courses. Since there are a significant number of WSU General Education classes in the required support courses, you should look up the program requirements before selecting your math, science and humanities GE classes. Students in the CSI concentration are not required to have a minor, but there are a number of good minors that complement the concentration, such as:

  • Photography
  • Anthropology with an Archaeology emphasis                                                        
  • Computer science
  • Art
  • Foreign language
  • Chemistry…and more!

Criminal Justice Bachelor's Degree Requirements (CSI)

Contact the Forensic Science advisor.

If you have questions about the WSU General Education requirements, make an appointment with a College General Education Advisor.