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Practice Problems
and General Info


Remember that you must register to take the CL exams. Register just like any other course at WSU. Check the class schedule, choose the WEB exams, and register.

The practice problems in this section are meant as a supplement for students who have some background in computer software, mainly: word processing, presentations, spreadsheet, Internet, e-mail, and operating systems. Courses are available for those who are not computer literate.


Practice for the Exams



General Information


Books and Guides

Books on the various software applications are available in the WSU Bookstore or most retail bookstores. There are Excel, PowerPoint, Word, and Windows guides available in the WSU bookstore. They are inexpensive and a good help guide for those who need to brush up on the basics.

If you prefer a book, we suggest that you buy one that covers the current Microsoft Suite. The current Microsoft Suite is taught in the School of Computing.



The School of Computing currently uses the current Microsoft software for testing.

Look at the competencies page to see what each exam covers.


How Many Times Can I Take Each Exam?

You have three chances to take each exam; the first attempt and two retakes during the semester in which you are registered. If you do not pass the exam on your first attempt, pay the WSU cashier $10, and bring the receipt with you to take the second or third test. The cashier is located in the student services building on the Ogden main campus. If you pay the WSU Cashier's Office over the phone 801-626-8006 you will need to ask the Cashier's Office to email a receipt to You must have a receipt to retake an exam. Be sure to check your score on the Online System to see if you have passed the exam.


Where Are Exams Given?

Exams are given in room 311 of Elizabeth Hall during regular scheduled testing hours. Elizabeth Hall is located on the north east end of campus, just west of the Bell Tower and north of the Union Building. If you don't know where Elizabeth Hall is click on the MAP link to view a MAP of WSU.


Where Do I Find My Grades?

Grades are recorded on Canvas (the online student grading system) within seven school days from the date you took the exam. The Canvas site is accessed from your student portal. Type your username and password. At the next screen choose the class, then choose the grades option. Your grade will show as a 0 until graded. Your grade will be posted at the end of the semester when all other grades are posted.


What Grade is Required to Pass the classes and Tests?

72.5% or higher is the grade requirement needed to pass the exams. You will receive a grade in the student online system but your transcripts will show credit or no credit. Your test grade will not affect your GPA.



Students must access for instructions once registered for the WEB CL courses. Failure to do so constitutes non-attendance, and may result in no credit unless the student officially withdraws from the class.