Freshwater fish conservation is a major emphasis I try to weave into my courses and research. It is my goal to make connections between our everyday lives and conservation issues. Freshwater fish depend upon clean water and an adequate water supply and as a result are negatively affected when we pollute freshwaters or when we divert them from their natural courses for our use. However, in both cases we are ultimately in the same puddle as the fish we affect, because each of us also depends upon the availability of enough, clean water. As more and more water is used and polluted, we are remiss to take this resource for granted. Thus, efforts to conserve freshwater fish not only seek to preserve our natural resources but also make us more aware of and more knowledgeable about issues with our own water supply.

Many organizations are involved with freshwater fish conservation and I cannot list them all here. The Desert Fishes Council is the group that I am most closely involved with. However, I encourage you to seek out other individuals, agencies, and organizations that are involved in this important work!