Wall of Fame

Our alumni continue to find fulfillment and satisfaction with the education they received after leaving our program. Here are a few of the things they have to say.


Kimberly Leach

Degree: BS in Family Studies, 2020

Current Position: Housing Case Manager at the YCC Family Crisis Center in Ogden. 

My experience at Weber: Professors in the program were responsive and committed to my success, and I regularly use information from my classes at Weber State in the real world. My degree has provided me with some cultural awareness, helped me communicate effectively with my co-workers and clients, and increased my passion for social justice while equipping me with skills and knowledge to move the conversation forward. 


Terisa Alquist

Degree: BS in Early Childhood, 2017 

Current Position: Ph.D. student in Research Evaluation and Methods at the University of Colorado, Denver. 

My experience at Weber: The biggest reason for my success was the personal attention I received from my professors. Weber State’s Early Childhood program may be relatively small, but it is fiercely competitive in terms of high-quality Early Childhood Education degrees. The program was so rigorous and knowledgeable that I had to take four classes at the master’s level before I learned a new concept not already covered by Weber’s Early Childhood program.

Mary Tess Tsakalos

Degree: BS in Early Childhood, 2019

Current Position: Teacher for the Head Start program and Title 1 at the E.G. King Elementary School. 

My experience at Weber: One of my favorite parts about Weber State was connecting with the professors and feeling that I was important to them. The small class sizes really helped me succeed and everyone at Weber makes you feel welcomed! I look forward to getting my master's degree at this school, and I am proud to be a part of this amazing teaching program.

Carly Grayston

Degree: BS in Family Studies with a double minor in Child Development and Psychology, 2017

Current Position: Certified Child Life Specialist at the Primary Children’s Hospital.

My experience at Weber: My degree prepared me to be a child life specialist in many ways, including how to be a supportive professional to families in stressful situations. When I walk into a patient’s room, I am able to connect with children in a developmentally appropriate way and also build connections with parents and siblings. Because of my degree and knowledge of family systems, I make it a priority to focus on not just the patient, but the family as whole.

Jonathon Willis 

Degree: BS in Family Studies, 2015

Current Position: Director of Restorative Justice at the ARISE High School in Oakland, CA.

My experience at Weber: Child and Family Studies helped me be successful in my field of work because I work in a population that is majority Latin. Studying different cultures during my time at Weber really prepared me to work with families of different cultural backgrounds and also understand the cognitive function of teenagers.

Revised 2/13/21