Vision Statement

Vision Statement

The WSU Charter Academy aims at providing opportunities of learning, experimentation, innovation, and growth for children in the WSU Charter Academy, families, WSU students, and faculty.

Children in the WSU Charter Academy learn in an educational setting in which developmentally appropriate practices and innovative, evidence-based curricula and instructional methods are used.  The whole child is highlighted to ensure children’s healthy growth and development in all domains – physical, cognitive, social, and emotional. At the same time, standards of academic achievement are maintained in children’s learning.

Families work closely with the WSU Charter Academy by engaging their children in school and home-based learning activities, communicating effectively with school, volunteering to support their children and school programs, making decisions for school through PTA, school board, committees and other parent orginizations, and collaborating with the community. 

WSU students learn and grow academically and professionally by participating in supervised field experience as part of their pre-service teacher training, completing practicum required by their programs, and conducting observations, experiments, or other type research activities for their coursework and undergraduate/graduate theses.

Faculty pursue scholarship opportunities by conducting basic research on children, families, and other members of the WSU Charter Academy community, experimenting new pedagogical or intervention methods, and evaluating effectiveness of pre-service teacher training programs.