Goals of WSU Charter Academy

The Weber State University Charter Academy has three goals:

Maintaining a focus on children and families through educational, co-curricular, and extra-curricular programs;

This goal derives from the philosophy subscribed to in the educational programs at WSU Charter Academy, which is child-centered, developmentally appropriate, and oriented toward the development of the whole-child.  Individual students take precedence over programs, while maintaining standards of achievement. Issues in any area of development will be examined in light of student and family needs. This program believes that family support is integral to student success. The WSU Charter Academy recognizes that when parents participate at school, provide a positive attitude toward learning at home, and work in concert with educational personnel, students are more successful academically and socially. To that end, the educational program invites parent participation, and will provide opportunities for family members/student caregivers to extend the school program into the home in appropriate ways. This may include classroom participation by adult family members in order to have models of appropriate practice; family nights at school focused on subject matter activities that family members and students may participate in together, providing ideas that may be used at home; formal learning opportunities for adult family members to learn about parenting, educational development, child development, or similar classes of interest.

Providing training in research informed practices for pre-service teachers through observation and mentored teaching opportunities;

Providing training in research informed practices for pre-service teachers coincides with WSU Moyes College of Education’s primary mission: to train teachers. The WSU Charter Academy will provide classrooms in which WSU pre-service teachers may observe the research-based practices they have heard and read about in coursework. Observation may take place directly in the classroom, from the observation booth attached to the classroom, or from videos made of classroom activities. Under close supervision, pre-service teachers may receive mentoring and direct opportunity to practice teaching under conditions that reflect what they have learned in their courses.

Providing a research center through opportunities for University faculty, University students, and WSU Charter Academy faculty to study various educational aspects.

Providing a facility at which educational research may be carried out. In the surrounding school districts it is often difficult to find the philosophy, instruction, and instructional programs that university faculty, pre-service teachers, graduate students, and in-service teachers are interested in to further their knowledge and add to the knowledge base of what works. The WSU Charter Academy will provide such a place.

Strategic Plan Goals and Objectives