Enrollment FAQs

I missed the Open Enrolment deadline.  Can I still apply?

Yes.  After the initial Open Enrollment and Lottery the school will continue to accept Lottery Applications.  New applications received after the closing date of the initial Open Enrollment period will not be entered into the initial lottery, but will be held in the lottery pool until a vacancy is available.


I submitted a Lottery Application online, but I did not receive a lottery number.  Should I submit another application?

No, you should NOT submit another application. Please send an Email to CharterAcademy@weber.edu or call the school at 801-626-6343 to check on the receipt of your application.


How will I know if my child has been accepted?

You will be contacted via email and/or a telephone call.  WSU Charter Academy is not responsible for incorrect contact information or the inability to contact you; it is your responsibility to ensure that the information on the lottery application is correct.  The status of any child whose parent cannot be contacted or is non-responsive within the designated time period will be changed form “accepted” to “declined enrollment” and the space will be offered to another child.


Can I visit WSU Charter Academy?

Absolutely, It would be our privilege to talk with you about the school, answer any questions you may have  and take you on a tour of our facility.  To schedule an appointment, please email  CharterAcademy@weber.edu or call the school at 801-626-6343.