Center for Community Engaged Learning


UCCEN Background

Beginning in 1996 community engaged learning in Utah higher education was supported by the Utah Campus Compact (UCC). This organization played a critical role in the community engagement work happening on every college campus across the state. In 2018 when the UCC was discontinued, we, as directors of community engagement centers and others across the state who value this coalition, persisted in our networking and collaborative efforts. We established the Utah Campus Community Engagement Network (UCCEN). This new organization is supported by Weber State University, which funds a part-time employee to coordinate our ongoing efforts, and by collaboration from every institution in the state.

UCCEN Vision

The UCCEN vision is that Utah institutions of higher education remain vital partners in strengthening communities. Our central mission and purpose is to build higher education’s capacity to serve the public good. We have four strategic goals:

  1. Affirm The Public Purpose Of Higher Education
  2. Promote Deeper, More Integrated Community Engagement
  3. Foster An Active Membership Network
  4. Build The Capacity Of Utah Campus Community Engagement Network

We, the UCCEN, plan to accomplish these goals by continuing to coordinate our efforts and by providing engagement opportunities for students, faculty and staff through annual or biannual activities and events such as The Engaged Faculty Retreat. This coordination is critical to the continued growth and development of community engagement across the state. We are optimistic about the future of community engagement as a means of fostering meaningful experiences for students inside and outside the classroom.

UCCEN Steering Committee

The Utah Campus Community Engagement Network (UCCEN) Steering Committee Consists of Directors of Community Engagement Centers from across the state of Utah:

  • Pam Branin, Director, Community Engagement Center, SUU
  • Malynda Bjerregaard, Director, Center for Civic Engagement and Service Learning, Snow
  • Chris Crippen, Director, Center for Service and Learning, BYU
  • Sean Crossland, Director, Thayne Center for Service & Learning, SLCC
  • Becky Gesteland, Executive Director, Center for Community Engaged Learning, WSU
  • Natalie Hales, Program Coordinator, Center for Community Engaged Learning, WSU
  • BobbiJo Kanter, Associate Director, Student Programs, U of U
  • Erin O'Brien, Director Community Engaged Learning, DSU
  • Kate Stephens, Associate Director, Center for Community Engagement, USU
  • Summer Valente, Director, Center for Social Impact, UVU
  • Andi Witczak, Co-Associate Director, Community Engaged Learning, U of U