Center for Engaged Learning

Training Modules

The purpose of this training is to better prepare students who have a desire to serve as volunteers, mentors, and tutors throughout the community. It will give students the basic knowledge needed to be effective in a community organization or school while informing them of their responsibilities and rights in that role.

STEP 1: Register With ChiTester*

*If you are enrolled at Weber State, you do not need to create an account. Use your Wildcat username and login to begin.

Not a Weber State student, faculty or staff? Create a Guest User Account to access the test at the end of the modules.  Write down your user name and password to enter in ChiTester.  

STEP 2: Review Modules and Complete Quizzes

Please read the contents of each module thoroughly.

At the end of every module there will be a link to a quiz you must complete. After clicking on the quiz link you will be asked to put in a username and password. For WSU students, faculty and staff, this is the same information you use to log into the eWeber portal.

Each quiz must be completed with an 80% or better. You may retake the quizzes if you do not meet this requirement on your first try.

Training Modules (PDF)


  1. Professionalism
    This module will discuss the importance of acting and appearing professional in a volunteer setting.
  2. Cultural Sensitivity
    One of the main goals of this training module is to help you become more culturally aware of both yourself and the population with whom you will be working.
  3. Ethics
    This module will cover the following ethics related topics: University student code of conduct, Inappropriate Relationships, Safety and Confidentiality
  4. Intro to Tutoring and Mentoring
    This module introduces the general goals of mentoring and tutoring.
  5. Mentoring
    In this module you will learn about the following concepts and ideas: Mentoring and its Role, Communication, Mentoring and Instruction, Tools of Mentoring.
  6. Tutoring
    In this module you will learn about the following concepts and ideas: Goal of Tutoring, Tutoring Relationships, Academic Problems, Practical Tutoring Tips, Resolving Problems
  7. Pre-college Knowledge
    This section will discuss the various aspects of college preparation and financial aid resources.
  8. FERPA
    This module will go over the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, or FERPA.

STEP 3: Print Your Certificate of Completion

You will only be able to print your Certificate of Completion once you successfully pass the quiz for a given module. Supervisors, faculty members, and community partners may be requesting a copy of this certificate, so please be sure to print at least one copy.

STEP 4: Present Certificate

Present your Certificate(s) of Completion to appropriate supervisors, faculty members, community partners, etc.

STEP 5: Visit us at CCEL

If you are a mentor or tutor, a WSU student, and you have successfully completed the training modules, visit the Center For Community Engaged Learning in the Shepherd Union room 324 for your purple shirt.

STEP 6: Contact Your Volunteer Site

As a representative of Weber State, you are to be be very professional in your communication. 

To be adapted to your situation when contacting community organizations, please read a few tips, including scripts (PDF).