Center for Engaged Learning

Community Engagement Training Modules

The purpose of this training is to better prepare students who have a desire to serve as volunteers, mentors, and tutors throughout the community. It will give students the basic knowledge needed to be effective in a community organization or school while informing them of their responsibilities and rights in that role.

Step 1: Review All Training Modules 

  1. Click on link below to access the GivePulse resource page for the listed training. 
  2. Click Access to download the training.
    • Note: You may be prompted to log in to GivePulse. 
      • Use your Weber State sign-in information to access your GivePulse account. 
      • Select the Login via Weber State option. 
  3. Review the PDF document and follow the instructions to the resource page to complete your training.

***Attention: We are aware of a problem with Spring 2022 classes not showing up in GivePulse. For now, please log your hours without tagging your class. Once the problem is resolved, we will send a GivePulse message with instructions about adding your class to your entries.*** 


***This issue has been corrected as of 01/21/22.  You may now edit and and correct your submitted impacts.  For instructions on how to completed this please view this VIDEO.***


Training Modules (Via GivePulse)

***You must sign into GivePulse using your Weber State email and password***

  1. Training and Logging Hours Overview Video (Complete First)
    An overview vidoe on how to complete the trainings below and how to log your completion via GivePulse.
  2. Introduction to Community Engaged Learning
    What is Community Engaged Learning (CEL) at WSU?
  3. Community Engaged Learning (CEL) Benefits
    Why do CEL?
  4. Virtual and Remote Service Training 
    How can I do community engagement virtually and/or remotely?
  5. Culture and Diversity in Community Engagement
    What cultural and diversity considerations do I need to be aware of when engaging with the community? 
  6. Mentoring and Tutoring
    How do I mentor and/or tutor?
  7. Risk/Safety/FERPA Training 
    What legal and safety issues do I need to be aware of? 
  8. Volunteer Behavior 
    How should I behave when engaging with the community on behalf of WSU?

STEP 2: Answer Questions and Add Impact

Please follow the instructions found on the training module resource page.  

***Please select CCEL User as your impact verification***

Step 3: Finding Your Record of Completion

Your record of completion for you, your faculty and/or your community partner can be found in the My Activity section of you GivePulse portal.  Once it is added by you and verified by CCEL (Please allow one business day for this verification to take place).  Once verified you will be able to download a certificate of completion or print/download a impact summary.  Please remember to share your impact with your course if the training is required by your instructor. 

STEP 4: Visit us at CCEL

If you are a mentor or tutor, a WSU student, and you have successfully completed the training modules, visit the Center For Community Engaged Learning in the Shepherd Union room 324 for your purple shirt.

STEP 5: Contact Your Volunteer Site

As a representative of Weber State, you are to be be very professional in your communication. 

To be adapted to your situation when contacting community organizations, please read a few tips, including scripts (PDF).

Need Assistance

If you need help with accessing and logging your student training please watch this overview video or contact us via the information below.