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Service Leave Policy

Service Leave (PPM 3-66)

Policies and Procedures Manual (PPM) 3-66: Benefit-eligible employees are allowed up to eight (8) hours of service leave, prorated on an FTE basis, each leave year to perform volunteary community service. Service leave may be taken during an employee’s normal working hours to participate in voluntary community service opportunities that are organized or authorized by the Center for Community Engaged Learning.

Eligible Service-Leave Events

Visit GivePulse to view eligible service-leave events. The "Staff Service Leave Events" GivePulse page can be accessed directly through the button below, by selecting the "GivePulse" app in your eWeber Portal, or visiting and using your WSU credentials to log in. Seach "Staff Service Leave Events" under "Campus Groups" to find the page if you do not click on the button below.

Staff Service Leave Eligible Events