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Engaged Learning Series: Re-Connect*

Engaged Learning Series

The Engaged Learning Series (ELS) is a university-wide series of events and programs designed to engage students, faculty, staff, and community in discussion, debate, dialogue, learning, and action around an issue of public concern.

The upcoming theme and program is undergoing review. Updates will be posted for the academic year of 2023-2024 in August 2023.


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We would love to hear what your experiences were like with the Engaged Learning Series, and how they affected you as a student, faculty member, or member of the greater Weber State University community.

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Students who attend Engaged Learning Series events are likely to see how their learning extends beyond the classroom and may be able to network with others who share similar interests with them. These relationships can be beneficial because they spur creative thinking and reflection on important topics, but they may also be helpful as students prepare for their careers after graduation. In addition, students have the opportunity to design and host events as part of classes or clubs that are related to the Engaged Learning Series. Doing so is a great way to demonstrate one’s ability to take an idea from conception to fruition, and can flesh out a resume. 

In addition to using the calendar section on this site, we encourage you to use GivePulse located in your WSU eWeber Portal. This will allow you to search “Engaged Learning Series” to add to your list of opportunities you would like to participate in. Go explore now!

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Faculty can take advantage of the Engaged Learning Series as a way to improve their tenure and promotion file. They could do so in multiple ways (and are likely to think beyond what we’ve described here!). One, they might demonstrate how they build their courses around campus events, and show how they create an assignment where students attend an Engaged Learning Series event and write a reflection about how the event connected to their classroom learning. Two, they might develop and host an event related to a class they teach that then becomes part of the Engaged Learning Series. The Engaged Learning Series has resources that can support faculty in developing an event. In both cases, the faculty member would be able to describe how they are connected to the university and how they are connecting their students to the university and the larger Weber State community.