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In 2021-2022, more than 2,884 students were engaged in the community, contributing more than 119,742 hours of engagement, which translates to a $3,489,285* investment to communities. When you support the Center for Community Engaged Learning, you are not only helping students become thoughtful citizens and inspiring leaders, you are also helping build communities that thrive.

*$29.14/hour as calculated by Independent Sector.


Gifts help students participating in:

  • International, national and/or local community engagement projects
  • Professional development opportunities, locally and nationally
  • CIVITAS, a program where they develop an electronic portfolio telling their community engaged stories
  • Weber Cares Pantry
  • CCEL Student Teams

Donations also help the center:

  • Attract knowledgeable CEL professors
  • Create scholarships for community engaged students
  • Develop community engaged learning (CEL) courses/opportunities for students
  • Support lecture series
  • Train community engaged citizens