CCEL Faculty in Residence Job Description


The Center for Community Engaged Learning is seeking a full-time faculty member to serve as the Community Engaged Learning Faculty in Residence for a three year term beginning in Fall semester 2024.  This is an exciting opportunity for an innovative and visionary leader to build on the substantial community engaged learning resources and opportunities already developed since 2007.

The pursuit of knowledge and creative expression are an integral part of the campus culture and Weber State University. High impact programs, like Community Engage Learning, provide support for students to engage in community engagement by supporting faculty through opportunities, such as: a Community Engaged Learning Community of Practice, coaching on Community Engaged Learning (CEL) course-based attributes, support in preparing community engagement conference presentation proposals, guidance on preparing community engagement manuscripts for publication, and providing professional development funds for community engagement gatherings.

In collaboration with academic colleges and departments, the CEL Faculty in Residence will stimulate, inspire, and support community engaged learning efforts that create high impact educational experiences for students.  They will support faculty to deliver high impact teaching and learning that support students towards their academic, career, and personal goals.  Aligning with the goals and values of the Center for Community Engaged Learning, the CEL Faculty in Residence will encourage the adoption of the Pathways of Public Service & Civic Engagement in CEL courses, encourage faculty to engage in reciprocal collaboration with community partners, encourage asset-based approaches to working with students and community, and encourage CEL practice that advances social change.



  • Lead Community Engage Learning Curriculum endeavors for WSU

    • Encourage faculty to designate their courses with the CEL attribute

    • Chair the Community Engaged Learning Committee that will review both credit-bearing and non-credit applications each semester

    • Onboard new CEL Committee members

    • Schedule and facilitate two CEL Committee meetings per semester

    • Provide coaching to faculty seeking to designate their course with the CEL attribute

    • Review and revise CEL attribute application and rubric, as needed

    • Advance recognition of community engaged scholarship in teaching, research, and service across the university.

    • Continue to develop and curate Community Engaged Scholarship resources to support faculty development

    • Attend one community engagement conference each academic year with funding provided by CCEL

  • Lead Community Engage Learning Community of Practice

    • Develop an 8 week curriculum for the CEL Community of Practice (CoP) - readings, activities, speakers, etc.

    • Coordinate with the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning to list the CoP

    • Facilitate each meeting of the CoP

    • Apply for a Research, Scholarship, and Professional Growth - Community Engagement Grant to support the CoP, as needed

  • Participation in CCEL Team 

    • Attend monthly Campus Community Engagement Team meetings

    • Meet with the Executive Director of Community Engagement every other week during fall and spring semesters

    • Represent CEL at the New Faculty Retreat each fall

    • Participate in  CECELebration planning including but not limited to the committee for the Presidential Community Engagement Awards



  • Full-time faculty member with support from their Department Chair
  • Knowledge of community engaged teaching, learning, and scholarship
  • Strong interpersonal skills with a demonstrated ability to initiate, develop, and sustain relationships with a variety of stakeholders including faculty, students, community partners, university leaders, and professional staff
  • Commitment to ensuring all CEL courses and co-curricular opportunities are high impact educational experiences


Reassigned Time

  • 3 credit hours reassigned time per spring and fall semester

  • 10-month position officially beginning Aug 1, 2024

  • Supplemental pay of up to 15 hours, if you are not already in a faculty role with CCEL,  in Spring 2024 to facilitate an effective transition by meeting with current CEL Faculty In Residence, CEL Curriculum Committee, and the Executive Director of Community Engagement


Reporting Structure and Review Process

  • Reports to the Executive Director of Community Engagement

  • The term of Faculty in Residence is three years contingent upon positive performance each year of the term.  Additional consecutive terms can be pursued based on performance during the previous term.


Required Application Materials

  • A brief statement summarizing your experience with community engaged scholarship, teaching, and learning.

  • A brief statement summarizing why you are interested in serving as the CEL Faculty-In-Residence

  • Written authorization from your department chair for one course reassignment (Fall and Spring semesters) Fall 2024 - Spring 2027.

  • Curriculum Vitae

Application materials must be submitted through this form by 11:59 pm on Thursday, February 15.